• Mobile Marketing Association Tackles Mobile Video Standards
    Everyone in the ad business knows that mobile video is red hot. What very few folks know is how to best measure mobile video. That's why the Mobile Marketing Association is forming a mobile video committee to review current standards and develop best practices for mobile video advertising and measurement.
  • Analysis: Debate Digital Viewing Numbers Align with Nielsen Cross-Platform
    So TV won the battle for debate viewing. Obviously. What's noteworthy though about Pew's just-released analysis of how Americans viewed the first presidential debate earlier this month was that 11% of viewers watched and followed coverage of the debate on more than one screen.
  • Digital Video Ad Spend Up 18% So Far in 2012
    Video played its part in driving up Internet ad revenue so far this year, according to figures from the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Digital video rose 18% in ad spend year over year for the first half of 2012, hitting more than $1 billion in revenue during that time, compared to nearly $900 million for the same six-month period last year.
  • Nearly Half of Hispanic Consumers Watch Mobile Video; More Active Digitally Than General Population
    New figures from the Interactive Advertising Bureau released yesterday in its "Digital Hispanic Consumer " report reveals that the Hispanic consumer overindexes on many digital video and mobile activities, suggesting that this segment may be an ideal one for advertisers to reach in such venues. The Hispanic segment has been one of the fastest-growing in the United States population in recent years and that's why marketers are paying close attention to the digital habits of this group of consumers.
  • TV-Online Combo Drives Efficiency 17 Times
    As more marketers ink ad deals for video across all platforms from TV to digital, they'll look for proof points on how to make the two mediums work effectively. Online ad platform Collective released a new "playbook" with detailed case studies on how a range of advertisers are applying targeting technologies to multiplatform buys that span TV, online, mobile and other forms of video.
  • 45% of Pay-TV Subs Use Other Movie Rental Services
    Nearly two-thirds of pay-TV customers don't use over-the-top services at all, but those who do often use them to watch movies. That suggests the real digital video threat for multichannel service providers isn't so much in cord cutting, but in their transactional VOD slate, according to an analysis of a study conducted by video discovery service Digitalsmiths of 2,000 North American pay-TV customers.
  • Online GRPs Inevitable as Digital Video Standard, Analyst Says
    Nielsen's online GRPs have a whiff of the inescapable to them. That's the conclusion of Pivotal Research Senior Research Analyst Brian Wieser, who said in his just-released Madison & Wall report that Nielsen's foray into cross-platform ratings for online and TV is likely to become the measurement norm. "Our conversations with industry participants have affirmed to us that cross-platform campaign ratings as produced by Nielsen are inevitably set to become a new industry standard for negotiations between buyers and sellers sooner rather than later," he wrote.
  • Report: Interactive Video Spots Grow Five-Fold in First Half of the Year
    Pre-rolls dominate online video, but other formats are gaining traction including interactive video ads, which have grown five times in volume in the first half of the year. That finding comes from video ad-serving platform Vindico, which analyzed more than 6 billion video ad impressions in its just-released report from the second quarter of this year, and 12 billion total video ads for the first half of the year.
  • Mobile Ads Nearly Double Quarter over Quarter
    The number of smartphone and tablet ads that digital video ad network YuMe served up in the second quarter nearly doubled from the quarter before, another promising sign pointing to the rapid growth in mobile video advertising so far this year.
  • Top Political Video Searches, Ads and Site Traffic
    From Mitt Romney's 47% video to the millions of views of political convention speeches, online video has proved to be a vital tool in the presidential election. But what are Internet users seeking out on their own with political videos? The political searches Web users conduct offer a window into what's on their minds and what they're looking for.
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