• Brightcove CMO's Brilliant Plea to Online Advertisers: Get a Strategic Plan
    The chief marketing officer for Brightcove makes an impassioned plea for media and marketing companies to embrace the S-word: Strategy. A lot of media and marketing firms don't have a plan for online video ad campaigns, especially on social media.
  • Why Does It Seem TV Networks Aren't Shell-Shocked by Online Video Advances?
    Based on the programs they'll debut this fall, you don't get the idea network TV really feels the hot breath of competition from upstart online providers.
  • How Deals For Kids' Online Content Are Telling Us The Future
    It's not just for current kids that Netflix and other online content providers are acquiring all that children's programming. They see future generations who don't reflexively go to TV for programming at all.
  • Unruly Will Help Advertisers Figure Out Which Vines Get Rapt Attention
    Unruly, which measures shareability of conventional online video ads, now says it will offer a Vine Academy for advertisers to figure out how to make six-second ads that stick. That's less interesting news now perhaps, as Instagram takes its place on the ridiculously-short-subject stage.
  • New Report from Wieser Predicts Hulu Will Have a Healthy Payday
    Pivotal Research Group Brian Wieser says the question is not how little Hulu is worth but how much. A new report lays out reasons Yahoo would be a good fit, but also how DirecTV and Time Warner Cable should see Hulu as a major strategic acquisition.
  • Nielsen Studies 'Multi-Sensory' Differences Between Young and Old
    When Boomers sometimes say they can't understand how Millennials use the Web, maybe they really mean it. A new Nielsen study looks at neurological differences in age advertisers should pay heed when marketing goods online.
  • How Rich Is That? Top 1,000 YouTube Channels Average $23K in Advertising a Month
    A new slick infographic from MDG Advertising answers some questions about just how rich an entrepreneur can get operating a well-viewed YouTube channel. But then the data makes you wonder about what happens to the rest.
  • Worldwide, One in Ten Video Plays Happen on Mobile/Tablets, Ooyala Says
    Ooyala's new Q1 Video Index is an eye-opening snapshot of how the mobile and tablet universe is growing worldwide, and not incidentally how live video streaming is an idea whose time is definitely here.
  • YouTube Videos Don't Have to be THAT Short
    A new Columbia College study of the most popular YouTube channels explodes the myth that videos have to be super short to be super successful. But it reinforces the idea that regular features on YouTube have to show up regularly. No slackers, please.
  • A New JW Player Is Making Its Push for Mobile Use
    The ubiquitous JW Player has made enhancements that should make it more attractive to mobile users, where Long Tail Video's CEO Dave Otten says, it should speed use of mobile and tablet video advertising. It's an improvement that JW Player's two million site subscribers could put to work quickly.
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