• Would You Sing In Front of Your Hometown?
    That's the question the Council Bluffs, Iowa daily newspaper, is testing with its readers. It wants them to submit a video for a July 4 contest, that makes a bigger point: All Video Is Local.
  • Thwarting Competition Is Just What It's All About
    Warner Cable raised a great defense this week when it was accused of making it difficult for OTT marketers to make content deals with cable networks. It admitted it. That's what businesses do.
  • If New York Mayoral Candidate's YouTube Testimonials Work, Local Campaigns Everywhere Could Change
    New York Mayoral candidate Christine Quinn has posted the first of what will be a series of testimonials from city residents attesting to her leadership ability. If these things get traction on YouTube, it's easy to imagine local politicians nationwide will take notice.
  • Online Advertising Is Going Somewhere, But Not Fast
    At a VideoNuze conference, here were the messages: A lot of online viewers do what they're told and skip the skippable messages. And a lot of advertisers and marketers, despite seeing the benefit of online, won't expand ad budgets to buy both TV and online. Not yet.
  • What's So Hot About the Internet, The Times Asks
    The Sunday magazine's innovation special edition looks at our presumably technologically-advanced era and sorta issues an institutional meh about the value of the Internet, Millions of owners of talented cats would adorably disagree.
  • When the First Screen Hands Off to the Second Screen
    With Flingo's new Samba interactive software being popped into new Smart TVs and on OTT set-top boxes, even if you're on Facebook while watching TV, you can access that Ford ad, or ancillary Ford material being shown on CBS. And the same thing could happen for every other commercial on that episode of "NCIS," even if you're watching it days later on your DVR.
  • Twofers: What You're Worth and Whether YouTube Is a Good Deal
    A new report sums up the value of the entire video landscape, while on the West Coast, some begin to question whether they can survive on what YouTube pays.
  • Syncbak, Nielsen Test Is An Important Step for Broadcasters
    If the results of a test of how mobile well Nielsen can measure mobile devices carrying TV signals is as good as Syncbak and Nielsen are saying, local stations may be getting close to the time that viewers will really get a chance to find out. It's a crucial step for broadcasters.
  • Mobile: So Fast It Could Make You Slow Down
    Mobile's growth has been so rapid that it's leaving other growth spurts seem puny. A Kagan analyst charts the trend, while many in the biz should wonder what all that speed could mean.
  • Is Vine a Little Influencer of Just a Parlor Game?
    What can an advertiser show in six seconds that is worth anything? Nothing, I'd say
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