• Great Visionaries And Bad Players
    I'm fairly certain streaming video will do well without me. But it has a trust issue it better resolve, for viewers and advertisers.
  • The Silent, Monetizable World Of GIFs
    Tenor will use its Emotional Graph to show advertisers that its GIFs keyboard can grab a customer exactly when they're hooked on a feeling.
  • Do GenZ Viewers Find Commercials A Novelty?
    Hulu and Tremor Video surveyed GenZ viewers and findings suggest to them them that these younger viewers look at ads differently--because they don't see as many when they're streaming.
  • Overkill On Hold: Facebook's Delayed Video Plans
    Later than sooner, Facebook will become yet another content provider, veering into a business that at the moment seems pretty overfilled.
  • Terrorism Is Fair Game For Trollers
    Pranks after the Manchester terrorist attack are a new sad low. Balancing the good and bad of social media and video shouldn't be a close call.
  • The Big AT&T Plan Includes Short 'Thrones'
    At the annual J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference this week, AT&T's CEO ruminated on a future in which it will offer viewers short--maybe 20 minute long--versions of "Game of Thrones" and other big series.
  • Facebook Deals With Massive Revenge Porn, Sextortion Allegations
    Every month, Facebook considers nearly 54,0000 cases of suspected revenge porn or sexual extortion, says a new story from the Guardian.com.
  • Reactive Advertising Creates Social Splash (Or Ugly Puddles)
    If a brand chooses a reactive commercial scheme it better know what it's talking about. Online chatter can make or break you.
  • Hulu's Big Hope: TV That Doesn't Act Like TV
    Consuming content on a digital device is not like getting it through cable or satellite. Hulu hopes to convince the channels on its new streaming service.
  • Malicious Fake News On Facebook? Thanks For The Tip!
    Facebook's efforts to flag users that the "news" they are about to look at is possibly BS propels many users to rush to see it - then spread it further.
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