• Pluto TV Tries To Fill The OTT Commercial Void
    Pluto TV, a commercially-supported streamer, is adding an on-demand TV and movie service. It's not Netflix, which, of course, is an opportunity for advertisers.
  • Buyers Survey Suggests The Ad 'Experience' Needs A Fix
    A survey from Advertiser Perceptions says things like decluttering Websites, better targeting of ads and creating ads expressly for digital all help the ad experience for consumers.
  • Group Nine Make No Small Plans
    Group NIne includes brands like Thrillist and NowThis and at its NewFront it just kept cranking out news of more new productions.
  • Does Streaming Have a 'Commercial' Star?
    As television's Upfronts await, those big budget, commercially-supported network shows compete largely with a gigantic bunch of talented and broadly unknown streaming stars.
  • How TV Watching Is Changing, Fast
    A report from Hub Research points out: Yes, people are still watching TV on TV. A new report from the IAB says they're also streaming like never before.
  • BBC, Newsy: 2 Sizes To Every Story
    The vast and venerable BBC, the scrappy Newsy -- both carve out a place for themselves in digital news.
  • Trusted Media Brands Is Safe At Home
    As advertisers fret over brand safety Trusted Media Brands tells NewFronts buyers they've got their backs with well-done, not crazy offerings that deal with home, family and cooking. It appears audiences are responding.
  • Newsy Gets The Big Picture, In The Living Room
    For a place like Newsy, the Scripps-owned video news outlet that presents on Monday at NewFronts, the up cycle in news comes as viewers are also discovering OTT delivery services.
  • UPDATE: Refinery29; A NewFront Presentation, A Manifesto
    More than the other NewFront presenters I've seen so far, Refinery29 seems to have an agenda beyond the common goal of getting rich.
  • On YouTube, NBC Rules, New Zefr Study Says
    Comparing the broadcast networks on engagements from YouTube clips, NBC is tops, with 106.9 million. ABC is not that far away, with 91.4 million.
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