• 'Farmed and Dangerous' Is Not What It Seems. Or Is It?
    What is Chipotle's new Hulu series, "Farmed and Dangrous" ? It's not a long, four-part ad for the Mexican fast food chain, but it playfully has its attitude.
  • When People Look Around, Some Decide Streaming Services Are A Little Thin
    Netflix has been flying high on the stock market, and "House of Cards" sometimes seems to be the only advertising it needs. But a new GfK study says some consumer have been discovered their streaming services actually pale next to their cable/telco's VOD.
  • Social Media Couldn't Save Grammys
    The fun in the Twitterverse on an award night hinges on an interesting show to comment on. That was the trouble with the Grammys. What could you tweet?
  • So Many Memes...New Video Curating Helpers Are Like Dating Services
    There's an estimated 8 zillion videos out there, and now there's a YouTube site run by DreamWorks that guides you to other YouTube sites. New apps that will size up your personality and shoot videos out to you, based on what you'll probably like.
  • Do Consumers Really Like When Advertisers Hijack Their Screens?
    A new survey of 3,000 consumers says they like so-called takeover ads best. That seems exceedingly hard to believe.
  • High-Flying Netflix, Still High-Flying. Now What?
    Everybody showed up in the town square for a big shootout and instead, they got a musical. Well, it was something like that, anyway. Wall Street braced itself on Wednesday to hear Netflix CEO Reed Hastings intone the company's fourth-quarter results. Certainly, a lot of the smart money said the online content delivery service was overdue for a comeuppance.
  • It Slices, It Dices...It's The Amazing Internet of Things, Now Appearing
    The Internet of things is awesome can help detect glucose levels, improve your sex life and maybe satisfy your urge for Krispy Kremes.
  • I Want To Hold Your Digitals: CBS Starts 'Experience' Cross-Platform Unit Around Beatles' Debut on Sullivan
    CBS is using the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' debut on "The Ed Sullivan Show" to start CBS News Live Experiences, a new business unit that will use archives, CBS radio and TV stations, and its streaming Web sites to present special live events connected to history.
  • Networks Should Do New Kind of Pilot Shopping This Year
    With Nielsen poised to begin delivering tablet and mobile ratings later this year, the networks now shopping for new half-hour and hour-long shows could look do well by finding programming that mainly serves the large,and rapidly growing audience that is not viewing content via a TV screen, or even a laptop computer.
  • Native Advertising: The Marketing Trend That Dare Not Speak Its Name (Unless Required)
    Obviously, a lot of publishers are going to bend over backward to make sure their users know the video they're watching or content they're reading was provided by an advertiser. Others may bend over backward to make sure you're confused about it.
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