• A Simpler Way Around For 360 Degree Video Ads At 'NYT'
    A new company, OmniVirt, is marketing technology that lets publishers run a 360 degree ad in-stream without a headset. The New York Times has an ad running now.
  • Comcast Trims Nets, Facebook Runs Out Of Ad Space
    Comcast's CEO says it will keep winnowing down the cable networks it owns as consumers flee; Facebook tells Wall Street it has so many ads, it doesn't know where it will put them.
  • The (Probably Never) Coming Excitement Of AppleTV
    True believers still hold out hope, apparently, that Apple has a big plan for Apple TV. But maybe it really is just a hobby.
  • Twitter's Hail Mary Pass Is Live Streaming Sports
    Twitter has amassed rights to MLB, NHL and NFL packages and now has one job left: Explaining itself to potential users who are still baffled by what Twitter does.
  • ITV2, AwesomenessTV Ink A Big Program Deal
    AwesomenessTV and the United Kingdom's ITV2 are announcing a partnership that includes a new UK program bloc and collaboration on other projects. ITV2 gets 75 hours of programming to start, rising to 100 a year later.
  • Where's The Politically Devastating Streaming Video?
    Surprisingly at a time streaming video has caused controversy and anger, the presidential race has just been dirty the old fashioned ways.
  • Cord-cutters (And Nevers) Getting Common, GfK Says
    A new report says 25% of U.S. households don't subscriber to a pay TV service, and for 17%, over-the-air is all there is
  • VideoBlocks Boldly Aims At Big Stock Video Users
    It is announcing its new Enterprise endeavor, pitching big-business users, including an asset management system that lets a customer manage its assembled video and audio clips in one place.
  • Netflix: Less Red Hot, Still Cooler Than The Rest
    Netflix's second-quarter subscriber numbers are way down. Maybe it's because their oldest customers have gone off exploring. And it's very likely they'll be back.
  • Meredith Puts More Eggs Into Its Live Video Basket
    Meredith Corporation is expanding its technology and studios for live and virtual reality content. It affirmed its "continued investment in video technology as a key component of its editorial content and business strategy."
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