• Those Super Sticky Super Bowl Ads
    Super Bowl videos take a up a good size chunk of YouTube space, and have earned 2 billion views. A significant portion of those views are for Super Bowl ads,
  • The Gusher of Good Feeling About Facebook
    About the only thing more fantastic than Facebook's earnings announcement Wednesday was the reaction on Wall Street. About the only thing more fantastic was the coverage, most of which put the awe in fawning.
  • VideoBlocks Expands Its Vision, Changes Nameplates
    VideoBlocks, the membership-based stock video site that succeeds by tapping into smaller users who need an inexpensive source for content, today is formally announcing a shift at the top.
  • Soon, The World Will Speak Via Netflix
    Given the dominance of English, Neflix can do pretty well with "elites" around the world who speak the language. But in foreign markets, it is trying to add more films and TV shows that are home grown.
  • Tech Tool To Make A News Story Social
    Wibbitz, a text-to-video tech firm has introduced a new Social Media Format that takes a client's stories, finds matching video and overlays it with a quick, sparsely-worded text-only overlay.
  • Super Bowl Ads: Early Release Really Matters
    Most of the ads are now made available before the Super Bowl telecast, and far from being just an advertising add-on, those online previews and teases really hit an audience that would otherwise miss them altogether, a viewer survey from Unruly says.
  • WebMD Does A Vision Check, Ups Output
    Dozens of videos have been added to the site since last year. WebMD discovers sharing videos can be as contagious as sharing a cold.
  • One Of YouTube's Super Bowl Videos Will Be In Real-Time
    YouTube will introduce Real-Time Ads, which will allow a Super Bowl advertiser to instantly insert an ad on Google Display Network's two million sites..
  • What's A Web Site To Do?
    If you believe that most of everything people consume will be gotten through a smartphone or by discovering content via social media, then you've got to wonder what the value of a slick Web site should be.
  • How Many Videos Have You Watched Today?
    ...On your smartphone? Park Associates research about Americans' mobile viewing habits are hard to believe. But they are examples of how confusing the enviironment must be for content suppliers and advertisers.
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