• Everything Becomes Television; FreeWheel Points To How Online Content Is Going That Way
    The new FreeWheel Monetization Report for Q4 2013 puts more flesh on those reports about the zooming trend toward longer videos with more commercials within. Sounds like another medium, doesn't it?
  • Your Remote Control Is Also Your Phone, Most Likely. Or It Will Be
    As the number of Internet-connected devices continue to multiply, has your smartphone or tablet essentially replaced your clunky old remote? A new graphic presentation from Oolyala makes the case for a new kind of connectedness.
  • 'House Of Cards': Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em
    Cigarettes--the kind you light and kind you don't--have gotten prominent and rather loving exposure on "House of Cards" last season and this one, too. Unlike most placements that go on without much attention, cigarette smoking, and talking about it, makes the scenes in this Netflix drama stand out as unusual, and not in a good way.
  • Is January Just a Bad Month For Online Video?
    When you crunch comScore numbers between December and January, the online video marketplace seemed to have lost momentum. That is confusing, given the high profile online video now enjoys. It's also very likely an illusion.
  • As Tablets, Smartphones and Web Alternatives Grow, Reaching Voters Gets Tough, New Political Survey Says
    In a typical week recently, about 30% of likely voters didn't watch any live TV except for sports, according to new research paid for by the Republican and Democratic parties and Google. But 46% said they watched content over the Internet. With a presidential election campaign on the horizon, there are new, fresh questions about how candidates can reach voters with their messages--paid and otherwise.
  • 120 Sports, New Proof That Info Media Shorts Beat Long Every Time
    With clear signs that more users are watching more video on mobile devices, there is a new rush of interest in sites and apps that can provide very short video content. Time Inc.'s equity stake in 120 Sports is the latest example.
  • TiVo Research Says Millennials Like TV, Just Not Necessarily From A Network
    TiVo's Millennial Entertainment Survey says they spend 36% of their time watching conventional TV, bu not on conventional TVs. And this survey says, people of all ages are watching more TV programming online, and fewer movies.
  • Short Story: Vevo's Music Videos Feel Right At Home On Mobile, Tablets, Even As Longform Grows
    Mobile phones and tablets are becoming the new home base for video, even for full episodes of TV shows and movies. But as new stats from Vevo indicate, brevity still has its advantages.
  • Believe and Hulu Put Some of Their Money on a Game Show, and Win
    There aren't a lot of competitors in the space, but Believe Entertainment Group is proud that a quirky little game show hosted by Jay Mohr on Hulu does better on that online content provider's service than the bigger, better-known off-TV game shows. It's not changing the world, but Believe's co-founder says maybe it's proving niches like this can work.
  • Amazon Prime's Viewer Vote on New Series Seems Democratic...and Timid
    Amazon Prime has just unveiled ten new pilots--five for kids, five not--and will continue making the one(s) that get the most votes from subscribers. That's a fun concept, but also makes it appear that Amazon is uncertain about what it's doing in the pay video business.
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