• Finally! A Good Goat Simulator Video Game for the Rest of Us
    Following the online video biz means discovering the exciting and inventive world that the Internet makes available to everyone around the world. And now, at last, there will be a goat simulator game at a price point that makes it easily affordable to all. Even its promo is a viral hit on YouTube.
  • Just How Much Do Millennials Drive the Online Engine?
    A report earlier this month from comScore gave a good snapshot of how millennials use the Internet, their smartphones and social media. Indeed there were some radical differences. But not as radical as one would think.
  • Ennui See: Same Old Same Old Ads on NBC's Olympics Stream
    The Winter Olympics, with its weird competitions, is something different. Watching it on NBC online, with its teeny roster of online advertisers, can be torture.
  • Not What It Seems: YouTube Now Searching for Fake Views
    By periodically checking for bogus view counts, YouTube thinks it can clear its site of third-party companies that create "views" to increase ad revenue.
  • Privacy from Marketers: Why Is That Such an Impossible Idea?
    Why is it that if I watch something online, I think the whole world knows my entire life story? Is that any way to run a business (if your name isn't NSA)?
  • There's A Lot Of YouTube Talk About Beauty, But Least Of All By Brands
    YouTube beauty channels are popular and numerous--and a new study says their voices overwhelm YouTube sites operated by beauty brands themselves. Vloggers just out-produce the marketers.
  • A Survey That's Hard to Ignore About How We Ignore Online Ads
    Goo Technologies has new research that says 82% of all Americans ignore online ads, more than any other kind of media. The richer you are, the more you ignore.
  • Depending On The Source, Visions For Online Video Have Important Gaps
    What do advertisers, agencies and content providers think they're doing with online video, and where do they think its headed? It turns out they all may have slightly different agendas.
  • Maybe Super Bowl Blah Means There's Just Virality Fatigue
    Did the Super Bowl's lackluster ads start the viral bell curve on a downward path? Time--like the next few days--will tell.
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