• The Two Sides of Online Video
    A remarkable aspect to online video is that so much of it deals with matter that really illuminates the world. The rest, it seems, is the stuff that goes viral.
  • Roku Gets A $60M Infusion, as The Set-Top Battle Continues
    Someday, maybe, there's going to be a dominant video streaming device. Roku, with a new $60 million infusion from investors including Hearst, is making its claim.
  • 2 Billion Online Video Watchers Worldwide by 2017, New Cisco Forecast Says
    That's double what there is now. The Cisco stat forecast must be irresistible to people who like to sprinkle the phrase "tipping point" into each and every conversation. Boy, are we tipping
  • The "Perfect Modern Day" Media Mash-Up? BuzzFeed and CNN
    BuzzFeed, the site filled with tons of silly/funny/scandalous and very viral videos, has hooked up with CNN and has started a YouTube channel. It gets CNN seen by younger viewers, presumably, but to what end?
  • No Guilt Necessary! Bingeing on 'Arrested Development' Was Not So Great
    Based on binge-reading of reviews by critics who binge-watched the15 new episodes of "Arrested Development," you didn't miss a media moment by deciding to do something else with 12 hours of your day on Sunday.
  • Before You Head Off to That Mattress Sale at Sleepy's
    Memorial Day is a handy time to recall that although we rarely hear about what they're doing lately, America's soldiers are still serving bravely. It is a perfect weekend to wave the flag.
  • Online Content: Hey, That's Not So Inferior!
    Yesterday's Starcom report that shows audiences really seem to be a lot more interested in content than where the content originated should be good news for online video content-makers but the fact that the result of that study is news is kind of weird. Maybe there's benefit being the online David to TV's Goliath.
  • Fiat Hopes It Has a Cheap Viral HIt Coming at You
    If at this time next month you are either driving a Fiat 500, that's OK. If humming a song called "Sexy People," and driving a Fiat 500, well, you also may be a statistic. I'll understand how it happened.
  • What's The Point of NewFronts, Anyway?
    Two weeks after they ended, the question gets asked and answered, in an interesting way at the OMMA Video conference in New York.
  • Tremor's VideoHub Gets MRC Nod for Its Viewability Tech
    Tremor's VideoHub is the first ad tech system to gain the approval of the Media Rating Council, which has been poking around the data for several months. Later this year, the IAB plans its own viewability standard, which VideoHub says its technology will be able to fit within.
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