• Interactive Pre-Rolls Boost Time Spent by 49%
    If the Interactive Advertising Bureau has its way, then the majority of video ads on the Web will include interactive features in a few years. But how effective is interactivity in a pre-roll spot? Online ad platform Jivox studied more than 250 campaigns delivered using its interactive technology for the last two years across sectors including auto, entertainment, consumer products, retail and others. The conclusion is that interactivity can boost interaction by 49% for ads watched all the way through.
  • Half of Digital Video Ads To Be Interactive In Two Years
    Most digital video ad inventory today is not interactive -- but that could change within two years when potentially half may be interactive, says Peter Minnium, head of brand initiatives at the Interactive Advertising Bureau.
  • Olympics Test for TV Everywhere
    The London Games are being billed as the first digital Olympics. Thanks to NBC, the sporting event will be available on TVs, mobile phones, desktops and tablets, both live streams and on-demand, for the next two weeks. The Games will also be the biggest test to date for TV Everywhere, the cable industry's three-year-old effort to bring cable programming to digital devices. TV Everywhere has not been adopted broadly by operators. If digital delivery of the Olympics proves popular with viewers, that may change.
  • Display Innovation: Eyeview Launches Tools To Capitalize On Growth For In-Banner Video
    Wait. I thought display ads were supposed to be the unsexy part of the Internet ad business? But they're on the cusp of a renaissance as they generate new attention and innovation from agencies and vendors. The latest effort comes from Eyeview, which has launched new tools so its technology can be used to tailor in-banner videos, as well as mobile video ads, in addition to the existing personalization it enables in pre-roll spots and connected TV ads.
  • Be Funny, Sexy, Controversial: Tips for Social Video for Olympics & Beyond
    I tried to be stoic. I tried to be jaded. I was sure I wouldn't shed a single tear. But P&G won. I cried when I finally watched this P&G "Best Job in the World" spot for the Olympic Games. I'm not the only one; the ad has racked up more than 12 million views across video sites, according to social video platform Unruly Media. P&G is also the top Olympics brand so far in terms of social video reach, the company said.
  • Mobile Video Ad Impressions Triple At YuMe; Launches New Video Format
    As mobile video consumption skyrockets, the medium has become a hotbed for innovation in ad formats. The number of worldwide mobile video views should nearly triple from 108 billion last year to 280 billion this year, according to Strategy Analytics. Mirroring the growth, video ad network YuMe has rolled out a new mobile video format that allows for additional interactive enhancements in mobile video ads. The company also said it will now enable tablet-only campaigns for marketers to take advantage of the boon in that venue.
  • Online Videos Drive Tune-In For TV Shows, Movies
    Video drives video. Among online video viewers, about 44% of TV viewers and 31% of moviegoers say watching a preview was the biggest factor in seeing the flick or checking out the show, according to online video technology provider Videology. To be sure, this finding isn't rocket science. But it is a powerful reminder that online video is a vital tool for TV networks as well as movie studies to use widely and often.
  • YouTube Ousts Hulu in Video Ads For First Time; Online Video Ads Double Year-Over-Year
    For the first time ever, YouTube has surpassed Hulu in video ads served. According to comScore's just-released June 2012 Video Metrix, Google-owned sites delivered 1.41 billion ads in June, the most of any Web property. Brightroll was next at 1.39 billion, and Hulu landed in the third slot at 1.33 billion. The top five also included Adap.tv with 1.15 billion video ads and TubeMogul with 1.04 billion video ads. A year ago, YouTube hadn't even registered on comScore's ranking of top 10 properties by video ads served.
  • Half Of Cell Phone Users On Phones During TV - What It Means For Social TV, Olympics
    No wonder television networks are wringing their hands over their social TV strategies. With the news from Pew this week that nearly half of cell phone users are on their phones while viewing TV, it's understandable that broadcasters would be in a pickle about how to leverage this new behavior.
  • Only 20% Of Cable Subs Have Heard Of TV Everywhere, But They Watch TV On Tablets
    Cable and satellite viewers don't have a clue they can watch shows from their providers anywhere besides the TV, but they sure know how to find videos to watch on their mobile devices. A recent Parks Associates survey found that only 20% of pay-TV customers know about TV Everywhere options from their service provider as of the first quarter of this year, and of those who did about half use it once a month. These numbers should be concerning to service providers, especially given that consumers are already aware of and actively watching TV on mobile devices --presumably content they …
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