• A Share is Worth a Thousand Views: The Real Value in Social Video
    Many brands big and small are trying to crack the code on social video especially since consumer interest in watching branded video is skyrocketing. More than 500 branded video campaigns generated more than 1 million views last year, representing one in twelve campaigns crossing that view threshold, Visible Measures has said in its most recent research. But do views even matter?
  • Sacha Baron Cohen Dictator Pranks Bests J. Lo's Oscar Nip Slip in Views
    I'll admit it - I checked out the alleged J. Lo. Oscar Nip Slip a few times trying to figure out: did she or didn't she? Was that a nipple or not quite a nipple? What qualifies as a nip slip? Do you have to show some or all or just a peek? We could debate this for ages.Naturally I figured if I was pondering the millimeters required to qualify for a nip slip, others must be considering such philosophical questions too and conducting the necessary research to answer. So I reached out to online video measurement firm Visible Measures …
  • Mobile Video More Vital Than Social Media on Cell Phones
    The music and video capabilities of mobile phones are more important to prospective buyers than the social networking features, according to comScore's hefty new mobile report released late last week. "Demonstrating the importance of the ecosystem experience, smartphone owners rated selection of apps and music/video capabilities as significantly more important than the total mobile market. Meanwhile social networking features were less important, falling outside of the top purchase factors for smartphone buyers, despite the overall popularity in accessing social networking sites on mobile devices," comScore said.
  • How to Make Your Videos Popular - Building an Audience
    If one out of 12 branded video campaigns passes the 1 million-mark, you might be tempted to think: "Let's make a viral video." But wait. That's 11 out of 12 that don't. But yet, there are still plenty of ways to achieve success in online video for small businesses, brands and producers. That's why I asked Jay Miletsky, CEO of online network MyPod Studios and an author of several branding books, to share best practices for building a loyal audience over time.
  • Upfront? We Don't Need No Stinking Digital Video Upfront
    Call me a skeptic. (I'm a reporter. We're supposed to be skeptics). But yeah, I'm skeptical of digital upfronts. This week has brought two digital video announcements tied to the upfront. First, video ad technology company Adap.tv rolled out a media buying platform called the Adap.tv Upfront Marketplace, designed to reduce time and improve efficiency of media buying across screens so agencies can negotiate upfront digital buys with one tool. Adap.tv has landed Horizon Media as a user.
  • Machinima's One Billion Views and Counting Come from a Strong POV
    Gaming-centric programmer Machinima is one of the most popular and successful online video sites ever and that's due in part to a strong programming point of view. The programmer surpassed one billion views per month for the first time late last year and continues to grow past that into 2012, with 1.3 billion views in January. It's also one of the most popular channels on YouTube, and has seen strong growth in key entertainment ad categories of video games, theatrical releases and tune-in campaigns from cable networks. Advertisers include video games such as Call of Duty Elite, Electronic Arts: Star …
  • 49% Brand Lift Without Making Me Click
    Every time I watch a TV show on Hulu and the question pops up - 'Is this ad relevant to you?' - my first instinct is not to answer. It could be inertia or simply the fact that most of us just aren't clickers. We don't always want to pick which ad experience we prefer, and we don't often want to tell the marketer if we liked the ad. Sometimes, we just want to enjoy the show, and maybe the ad. That's where Eyeview Digital comes in.
  • Collapsing Cooling Towers Hits 1.5 Million View & Counting without any Media Spend
    Maybe it's the opera music. Maybe it's the smiling faces. It could even be the powerful image of wind power at the end. Whatever it is, this viral video ad on collapsing cooling towers just works. British green energy company Ecotricity's "Collapsing Cooling Towers " video landed on YouTube February 7 and by February 17 it had amassed nearly 1.6 million views, a healthy haul for a little known brand.
  • Social Video Views Grows 37% in 2011
    Who said we don't like ads? In 2011, consumers chose to watch ads more than 2.75 billion times. We're not talking pre-rolls or overlays here, either. These are user-initiated smackeroos on the play button to watch a branded video, according to a Visible Measures report on social video. What's particularly eye-popping about social video is its growth. The 2.75 billion views in 2011 is up from 2 billion in 2010, and up from 830 million views in 2009.
  • Ad Load in Online TV Doubles in 2011
    If you've been feeling like you're seeing more ads when you watch 30 Rock online, that's because you are. Long-form online video - like TV shows - included about seven ads on average as of the end of 2011, and that's nearly double the ad load at the start of last year, according to a report releasing today from online video technology provider FreeWheel that analyzed more than 45 billion video views across sites such as ESPN, Discovery, AOL, VEVO and more.
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