• Believe Me: The Word Of The Year Was 'Fake'
    Consumers were generally unaware of the fake business until 2016. But for years, phony operators have been pretending to serve ads going to fake Web sites and being seen by fake customers. Sites served fake news, or real news commented on by trolls using fake names.
  • The Soul Searching Of You Tube Talent
    Even happy YouTube vloggers have had some hard times in 2016, and some have reacted by trading tips.
  • In 2016, Video Got Really Personal
    Video Blocks, which offers members like ad agencies, content producers and everyday people a wide array of low-cost video clips, charted what they want shopping for in 2016: The unmistakable trend is toward VR, drone and GoPro footage.
  • The Unstoppable Streaming Video
    Internet-based SVOD is really where it's at. It's growing while transactional video modes are not.
  • 2017 Foretold: Outstreams, Alexa, Vertical Video
    Unruly's list of predictions for 2017 is also bullish on virtual reality over augmented reality, 5G technology and this weird new thing called "standards."
  • Special People Get Special Treatment On Facebook Live
    Among other perks not afforded to mere mortals, stars and influencers can now block out nasty words and phrases posted by viewers of their Facebook Live videos. It's a polite gesture only a few will get.
  • Taste Test: PS Vue, Sling TV and DirecTV Now
    All have drawbacks and benefits, some more pronounced than others. To a large extent, you have to believe with each product there is a lot that will be improved. Here's what some early users are reporting.
  • Branded Content Also Counts Subscribers
    Divimore, a native media company, has charted the most successful branded channels and notices by now that if your brand doesn't have at least one, you must be Chinese
  • To Be Old, Sedentary And Watching YouTube
    Between 2015 and 2016, a stat graphic produced by Think With Google notes, time spent watching YouTube by Baby Boomer types tripled.
  • YouTube Offers To Help Creators Out Of MCN Deals
    YouTube reportedly is now offering to help if the MCN goes along with it. An exodus? They don't think so.
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