• Half Of Us Now Own A Connected TV, IAB Says, In Study of IoT
    ...And a new Interactive Advertising Report says 65% of them are "willing" to receive ads on IoT screens. Among the many IoT devices, smart TVs have the oldest owners.
  • FreeWheel Report Shows Growth In Politics, Sports Video
    In the third quarter, video viewing rose 37%, but ad views rose only 28% year over year. Short Olympics and election fare and "live" help explain why.
  • Brisk Business In Live, Fleeting Encounters
    Instagram announced yesterday that now you can use it to shoot a live video that video that disappears right after you're done. And Snapchat added a Group Chat feature that can put up to 16 people into one live conversation.
  • Golden Diss Of Netflix, Amazon? Not Hardly
    The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced nominees for the Golden Globes, and Netflix and Amazon each tallied "only" five. Somehow, that may seem disappointing.
  • More Sour Notes Over YouTube, Music
    YouTube paid the music industry $1 billion from ad revenue it reaped from music videos this year. A pittance, the music biz howls.
  • Fade Out For Theaters? Apple Angles For Quick Trip To iTunes
    Apple wants movie studios to shrink the window between theatrical releases and the time movies are available for home viewing.
  • Do As I Say! Parents Spend As Much Time Online As Their Kids
    What's the matter with kids today? Hard to say. A new report from Common Sense says parents spend at least as much time doodling online as their kids do--9 hours and 22 minutes a day. Do they feel a little guilty? Or just conflicted?
  • Sports On Mobile: Bring It On!
    New numbers crunched by 7Park Data shows that sports and mobile apps make a great team. Views are up, bigly.
  • Brits Are Jumping With Joy Over John Lewis Holiday Ad
    Unruly, the ad tech company, says the John Lewis ad, #BusterTheBoxer is the more shared commercial of 2016.
  • Longer Is Better: 'Great Big Story' Expands
    Great Big Story, the video content site started as a separate business unit by CNN a year ago, has now expanded to include much longer pieces, like "The Hard Ship" which recently debuted.
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