• Showbox Attempts To Streamline the Influencer Influence
    If influencers are the way to a young consumer's heart, why not make a video creation platform that allows advertisers to use them easier? That must
  • The Brexit Vote: What It Is Ain't Exactly Clear
    "As you would expect from a sector peppered with entrepreneurs, there is a level of optimism and belief that there is opportunity even in turbulence, that I find inspiring," blogs one London Internet veteran.
  • Minute By Minute What We're Doing Online
    For the fourth year, Domo, the business management platform, compiled usage data that shows, minute by minute, how much we watch Netflix, send messages, ask about the weather and look for dates. Fodder for cocktail party chat.
  • Nielsen Stats Say Half Use DVR, Half Are VOD Subs
    ...and altogether, our media time is up a full hour. Adding up all the devices and communications forms, our per day time spent with electronic media is 10 hours and 39 minutes.
  • YouTube Adds Live Mobile Capacity
    Everybody's doing live, and on Thursday, YouTube announced it will soon be possible to shoot live YouTube videos via cellphone, as you already can via Periscope and Facebook.. Otherwise, YouTube's scrapbook of live events has tripled in the last six months.
  • If At First You Don't Succeed, Try Anything
    The simple way to create successful digital advertising is to try everything and seem completely confident it's working.
  • Watch Everybody Not Quit Netflix
    Nomura Securities estimates Netflix will lose nearly a half million subscribers in the months ahead as grandfathered low monthly rates expire. Bur really, who would quit Netflix over a dollar or two a month. People love it too much.
  • Unruly To The Rescue Of The Vertically Challenged
    Unruly ad tech research shows strong and growing distaste for horizontal video ads on mobile devices. It's teaming with its parent News Corp.to debut its own vertical format at the New York Post and The Sun in London.
  • UPDATED: Meet Tronc The Video Thing
    Tronc, what was once called Tribune Publishing, intends to have video to monetize half of its pages--by next year. Is Wibbitz involved?
  • ComScore Data Takes A Look Inside Your Home
    A new comScore report shows how differently we are consuming content, and hints at cable/satellite's vulnerability.
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