• The Cost of Not Being On Time
    If you can't wait two minutes to see a video, well, you're a lot like the rest of us .A deeper look at an amazing I-want-it-right-now studyt
  • Grumpy Blogger Only Knows How to Tear Things Down, Not Offer Constructive Suggestions
    Online video advertising is popular, it's growing and it's even watched all the way through once in a while. So what, beyond its mere existence, bothers you? I'll show you mine...
  • Invodo's Logical Pitch: Show Consumers How It Works and They Just Might Buy It
    In a world inundated with new products and new ways to learn about them Invodo's niche as a business video marketer pays off. They say 45% of all internet consumers have watched at least five product videos in the last three months.
  • MyPodStudios Is the Little Online Video Site Going into The Production Business
    MyPodStudios is no YouTube, that's for sure, but the video site has now partnered with a production company and is now poised to roll its own.
  • Imagining the Interactive Land Just Beyond 'Oz"
    Innovid teamed with Crackle to launch a series of interactive ads to promote Disney's "Oz the Great and Powerful" in theaters. Innovid's CEO is excited that interactivity has now reached across all the platforms and he's sure it's a sign of bigger things to come.
  • Native Advertising Study Shoots Some Bullets at Pre-Roll
    Native advertising has the great ability to positively affect brand lift, says a new report from Nielsen that in the end makes proves that consumers will respond better to something they choose to see than something they're required to see. Yes, but...
  • One in Three Will Watch an Online Video This Week
    ...but 95% of those people will watch TV, too. We are immersed in video coming at us from all directions, but this study says home is where the serious viewing happens.
  • Hope You Have the Time to Read This Before You've Got to Run
    North Korea has released a fictional video of its missiles hitting targets in Washington. The world ponders what it means.
  • The Unstoppable Video Steamroller Called Popcornflix
    Popcornflix is making a big play in mobile and on Internet-connected TVs and OTT devices, offering lesser-known movies with commercials--but without charging consumers. Last week on Roku, it downloaded its one millionth app.
  • Coming Out, Some More: Gay Ad Network Expands Its Online Video Offerings
    The market for gay-themed content includes a burgeoning market for gay-directed advertising. A Fort Lauderdale firm that already places advertising for 300 publishers last week expanded its universe to include handling ad sales for YouTube's new Gwist channel.
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