• Will Consumers Ever Connect with Connected TV?
    Tony Duarte, a consultant for fluxx.ltd, is a true believer that Smart TVs and connected TVs are the future. But he says a lot of hurdles--technological and otherwise--remain before the road clears.
  • comScore Confirms It: YouTube Rules Online Ad Views
    Google Sites are not just the 800 lb gorillas of online video, They're a gorilla zoo. Even in a short month, YouTube, with 2.2 billion ad views, and the online video ad business with 9.9 billion total, cleans up.
  • Firefly's Best Ad Consumers Are Really Asking for It.
    Firefly Video's new Glow and Illuminate platforms are based on the uncontroversial idea that it's best to beam commercials at customers who really want to see them.
  • Caveat Emptor, Online: Looking Out for Sponsored Content
    Oh, what a slippery slope "sponsored content" can be. Is it so bad that advertising looks like advertising, and is recognized as advertising?
  • What's Next? $30M Alloy Investment Proves Smosh is Some Serious Fun
    Alloy Digital's new infusion of money is proof that the company behind the YouTube hit channel, Smosh, is going places. Smosh and other Alloy properties show how big success can happen with short videos done right.
  • Selectable Makes Ad-Watching Worthwhile
    As online video advertisers search for ways to get consumers to stick around for the messaging, Selectable gives them an incentive. Answer a question or two and get something for it.
  • Touchstorm's 'Guide to Online Video' Is Its Own Subtle Calling Card
    Touchstorm is in the business of selling informational videos for advertisers. Its new how-to guide about buying online videos cleverly sells that idea by putting into words what its videos put online.
  • ABC Decision to Use Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings Is a Digital Milestone
    ABC will give its advertisers guarantees across all of its platforms, yet another tipping point in the digital media landscape. However it works as a measurement tool, it already serves as another powerful indicator of where things are headed.
  • 'House of Cards' One Month Later: How Many Have Seen It?
    In an era when data seems to be a naturally occurring material spawned by nature, it's amazing how little we know about how many viewers saw all, most or even a little of "House of Cards." Nonetheless, the Netflix drama is changing the world of high-priced content.
  • Not Surprised: Mixing Online and TV Ad Campaigns Helps Conversions
    If marketers blend their online video and TV advertising just right, they'll enjoy a significant lift in their conversion rates says a new study that makes a point that would seem to be obvious as well as being an example of the kind of data you'd expect a digital advertising firm to trumpet.
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