• Online Ad Overload Begins After Fourth Commercial, Hub Study Says
    A new study, "TV Advertising in an OTT World" from Hub Research says online video viewers can deal with five ads per 30 minutes of viewing. Unfortunately, for TV Everywhere purveyors, their average is is way above that, The Hub Research study says, best of all, consumers will respond to targeted and dynamic ads.
  • What If HBO Offered An Entire Program Package Online?
    What if HBO went beyond an online version of itself and became its own "virtual" multi-channel video programming distributor? What if it offered a wide array of programming and services?
  • Pepsi Challenge Still Being Fought--On YouTube
    Decades later, fascination with the blind taste test still exists, and Coke and Pepsi devotees still duke it out. ZEFR, a tech company that provides consumer targeting for brands and content providers, has charted the devotion some fans have for their favorite cola.
  • A Subscription For YouTube? Are You Buying It?
    CEO Susan Wojcicki disclosed that YouTube is exploring a subscription service, and one of the models--obviously---would be a commercial-free YouTube. "YouTube right now is ad-supported,which is great because it has enabled us to scale to a billion users; but there are going to be cases where people are going to say, 'I don't want to see the ads, or I want to have a different experience'," Wojcicki told Peter Kafka and Liz Gannes of Re/Code.
  • Amazon Fire's New $39 Dongle Could Be A Flamethrower Aimed At Google's Chromecast
    The $39 Amazon Fire TV Stick, announced today, is an alternative to Amazon's established $99 Fire TV. That more expensive version comes with a small set-top box, but it appears that the stick offers the same sort of experience for less. Though Chromecast is $4 cheaper, this new Amazon product -- which is shipping at the end of the week -- could overshadow it.
  • Notes From The Front On Netflix, Vine and Amazon
    The amazing failure that Netflix's red envelope business still, really, isn't; Rainn Wilson tries to make Vine stars into TV stars; Amazon Prime video debuts a second season of the overlooked "Alpha House."
  • Like To Skip Ads? Better Get Over It, Data From MediaRadar Says
    MediaRadar, which delivers analysis on over two million brands on its own cloud-based tool, spotted 2,707 brands advertising on on 125 sites (excluding YouTube) from January 2014 through August. Sports sites attracted 855 different brands and news sites snared 813.
  • Has Online Gone To War Against TV? Is 'TV Everywhere' Dying?
    Online video has a new momentum--almost like an unorganized marketing campaign. The landscape is quickly changing.
  • 26% Of All Online Viewing Happens With Mobile Devices, But Few Finish What They Start
    A new report from Adobe underscores why online video is quickly getting an even bigger seat at the content table, and why, if you peer long enough in the corners of this report, the Adobe Benchmark has anthropological weight. Things are changing, so fast, that it is nearly accurate to say every start up is already six months late.
  • Ooyala Snaps Up Videoplaza
    Telstra subsidiary Ooyala today acquired Videoplaza, the European-based ad serving and programmatic platform known for its Karbon brand, increasing Ooyala's worlwide footprint and giving Ooyala more in-house capacity.
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