• What They Predicted About 2015...In 2005
    "The highest-earning celebrity is synthetic" was a 2005 prediction about techno-life in 2015. Likewise, perhaps, Pew Research Center's study asking experts to predict 2025 is a mix of dire and optimistic, but it's really, really hard to figure this stuff out.
  • Brand Videos In 2014 Still Feeling Their Way
    VideoInk completed its list the top best brand digital videos in 2014. Looking at that list, it would seem they're all competent, but mostly, that's about as far as it goes. It is hard for brands to capture all the possibilities digital video hands them.
  • Will 2015 Speed The End of Classrooms? Of Movie Theaters?
    This time of the year is peculiar and good because a lot of people begin making wild guesses about the immediate future. Some good guesses by Wowza Media System's Chris Knowlton might get you thinking, too.
  • In Praise Of Slacktivism: Even Those Who Just Watch Do-Good Videos Are Making A Difference
    A lot of stupid videos get displayed on YouTube but hundreds of millions of people in 2014 watched all kinds of videos campaigns for everything ranging from ALS research to ending harassment of women on the street. Even if viewing the video is where their involvement ends, COO Sarah Wood points to research that says even that kind of "slactivism" helps.
  • In YouTube 'Comic' Parody, Taylor Swift Is Killed--And Sony Objects
    YouTube parodist Shane Dawson has a problem with Taylor Swift--and Sony. The music publisher arm of Sony convinced YouTube to remove Dawson's parody version of Swift's "Blank Space." Sony argues the parody violates copyright laws. But maybe it's just because it's such a violent video, depicting her murder.
  • Imagining 'Roots' In A YouTube World
    For one week in January, more than 140 million people saw all or parts of the eight-part "Roots" mini-series --that was more than half the population of the United States. All watching at the same time.
  • Report: AAAA Not Happy With IAB's 70% Viewability Standard
    When the IAB said advertisers and publishers will just have to deal with a 70% viewability standard until the problem could be solved, you might have guessed some would say "no way." According to "The Wall Street Journal," it looks like the AAAA's is among the first of the objectors in line.
  • Mumm Tries A Video Campaign That Has You Seeing Double
    A new to the U.S. marketing company is behind a Mumm champagne video on YouTube where the action on your laptop or tablet screen travels over to your smartphone which then becomes a part of the larger video. Got that? The Double Screen experiment is probably harder to explain than it is to do.
  • Break Out The Egg Nog And Watch Some YouTube
    According to Tubular Labs, viewership of YouTube Christmas-themed videos is way up this year over last. It appears watching YouTube Christmas videos is becoming...a Christmas tradition.
  • Challenge To YouTube By Vessel Depends On Subs/Ad Combo
    In a blog to creators, Jason Kilar, the former Hulu CEO, explained that the new Vessel he's heading will charge consumers $2.99 a month, but also present advertising. That dual revenue stream gives Vessel an opportunity to pay more for (better?) content than YouTube.
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