• Let's Shoot For 70% Viewability In 2015, IAB Says
    The Interactive Advertising Bureau says in a new report that achieving 100% viewability is "currently unreasonable" but recommends "that in this year of transition, measured impressions be held to a 70% viewability threshold." Right now, industry estimates are that only 30%-40% of ads are viewable, and it's a huge industry black eye.
  • Now It's The User, Not The Screen, Who's Frozen
    According to a new study by Hub Research, the explosion of choice -- and the devices that make it easier to be choosy -- have led to a "significant unmet need: an easier way to discover shows across platforms."
  • Nicely Done (But Pointless?) Lincoln MKC Short Films From Vimeo
    In a collaboration between the Lincoln Motor Company and Vimeo comes the "Live In Your Moment," video project, a collection of short films that sort of feature the Lincoln MKC, but not too much. My questions are: So why are they there? Who would watch them? Why?
  • PwC Study Shows Big Trouble For Cable, But Finds Viewers Overwhelmed
    Anew PwC report notes ominous declines among younger would-be subscribers to cable and big leaps in the number of people buying Netflix or Amazon Prime, from all ages. The funny thing: This same study finds overwhelmingly, that viewers feel overwhelmed by all that content.
  • 25% Of Under-34 Viewers Think Online Is Better Than Pay TV
    A new report from Parks Associates contends that 25% of consumers under the age of 34 believe that online video is just as good as pay TV. But it also warns that with great growth must come ever greater content -- and that's not going to be easy to pull off.
  • Half Of All Video Views By Mobile Within A Year: Ooyala Updates Its Predictions
    For several quarters in a row, Ooyala and other companies have been reporting growth--ridiculously large increases-in online video viewership or other up-worthy stats. Ooyala is doing that again this morning, the numbers are growing at such a absurdly fast clip, all around the world.
  • YouTube Offers Sweeteners To Keep Its Stars Happy
    YouTube is trying to sweeten the pot for the formidable bunch of young stars it's created. According to 'The Wall Street Journal,' YouTube is now offering bonuses to keep them from bolting for Facebook and the yet-to-start site Vessel being planned by former Hulu chief Jason Kilar.
  • Online Advertising Start Making Sense: What Lies Ahead
    The founder and COO of Wywy envisions a year ahead in which second screen and OTT viewing, and all the rest, begin to come together with consumers and gets measured in a way advertisers and publishers can deal with.
  • Boom In OTT Devices May Be Big Boost To Small Providers Like Popcornflix
    When you get past the formidable YouTube and Hulu, the ad-supported online video world gets down to earnest but smaller players like Popcornflix, which has a big presence on Roku, and coming soon to other devices. As the streaming device industry really revs up, it may be time for ad supported video to have an expanded presence.
  • Shakira's Activia Video Shared A La-La-La-Lot
    It tops Unruly's list of the most shared video ad of 2014, announced this morning as its Video Sharing Awards were celebrated via a Twitter special (#VSAs). The Activia ad had 5.8 million shares worldwide, ahead of ads for Samsung (4.3 million shares) and Nike (3.8 million).
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