• Half of All Video Views Could Be Via Mobile/Tablet By 2016, Sports Is Big Driver
    Sports sells, and as the new Ooyala Global Video Index shows, all around the world, sports is driving online video, but it particularly influences the growth of mobile and tablets.
  • A Really Boring Commercial That's Gotten 23.5 Million Views Just This Month
    Why has a thoroughly ordinary, kind of long Samsung smartphone ad garnered 23.5 million YouTube views since March 7? That's a question first posed by video producer Neil Davidson that invites your reply.
  • Branded Videos Really Picked Up Steam in 2013
    Branded videos have been viewed more than 19 billion times since 2009, but last year was the first time the top 10 all had 100 million views, and the pace of viewership also picked up dramatically, says a new report.
  • 36% Watch News Videos Online, And Lots Of Us Actually Supply Them, Too, Says Pew
    The Pew Research Journalism Project's 2014 report sees a marked spike in online video news watching, but can't figure out where the profit is going to come from.
  • Giant Disney Grabs Maker To Push Its Digital Future
    The Walt Disney Co.'s decision to pay $500 million for Maker Studio is probably a more significant deal for giant Disney than it is for Maker Studios. It needs Maker's smarts about navigating in a digital world.
  • Normcore: The Trend Is Toward Non-Trending
    It's possible that if you do a really good job dressing in a perfectly perfunctory way, you're stylin' with Normcore. Has unadorned online video made the idea of makeup and the fashion-forward business seem out of touch?
  • What's Between YouTube And Netflix? An Opportunity
    The two biggest names in the online video business, Netflix and YouTube, are at opposite ends of the spectrum. They leave a sizable middle.
  • A Mini Trend For Short Shorts
    NBC News today debuted "Meet the Press Express," a baby version of the venerable Sunday morning talking heads staple. Short is sweet, and short is usually aimed at millennials.
  • Amazon Joining the Dongle Battle To Control (The Side Of) Your TV Set?
    Looking for a unique gift for that special techno-nerd content hog in your life? How about a dongle holder to house the Chromecast, Roku and soon to come (apparently) Amazon dongles that hang from connected TVs in America's best homes?
  • Digital's Time Will Come For Political Advertising. Now Is Not That Time, Say Top Ad Operatives
    The big march to digital viewing and advertising is being watched by the political ad spenders, too, and they are cautiously getting in line. But at this point, they like TV a lot more, two top strategists say at a MediaPost conference in Washington.
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