• The March Of Madness: Apple TV Is Unveiling ACC Sports App
    With six schools going to "the big dance" as somebody (not me) likes to call it, the powerhouse Atlantic Coast Conference picked a good time to start its own ACC Sports app on AppleTV, with help from Silver Chalice Ventures and 1 Mainstream.
  • Another Mile-Marker Ready To Be Passed: Digital's Impending Ad-Sell Dominance
    The World Wide Web turned 25 on Tuesday; but it changed the world even before it hit its teens. Digital ad sales is proof of that. They will surpass TV by 2018, says eMarketer.
  • HBO Go's Crash Signals A New Wrinkle In Our Online Viewing Habits
    Why would a current HBO subscriber have chosen to watch the finale of "True Detective" instead of watching it on the television? TDG Group's Joel Espelien thinks the crash of HBO Go on Sunday signals a big change in what people now expect from their online streaming services.
  • Our Gang: Three Comedy Sites Link Up To Sell Ads, With Electus Leading
    Electus, which owns CollegeHumor.com and Dorkly.com, will begin selling ads for Demand's Cracked.com and rebrand itself as one network for the purpose of being ranked by comScore. In that arrangement, it says the trio is the top network of sites in the funny business category.
  • Hello, I Must Be Going. Can Short Commercials Find A Footing?
    More and more video content is being designed for mobile, featuring short--extremely short--bursts of content. Can advertising can a word in edgewise?
  • Can't We All Just Get Along? Execs On Both Sides Look At the Gulf Between TV And Digital
    Nielsen put out an interesting report, "Video Buying, Selling and Trusting Across Platforms," which distilled highlights from three dinners where top execs from the TV, digital and allied businesses brainstormed on how the media business can more fully integrate. One of the observations: Computers aren't people.
  • Verizon Report Says Millennials Watch 3X More TV Online Than Older Viewers
    Verizon Media Services' new study of millennials isn't filled with shocking revelations, but it does make some sharp observations about a demo that has $1.3 trillion in buying power.
  • Nativity, Seen: Ben & Jerry's Sees 'Farmed and Dangerous,' Buys In To The Chipotle Message
    "Farmed and Dangerous" has gotten a lot of press for being a commercial perfectly disguised as a Hulu sitcom. Like-minded Ben & Jerry's heard about the show, and quickly produced a commercial to tag along.
  • Ukraine Invasion? That's A Good Time for a Cute Selfie, Says NowThisNews
    It's been so much fun watching Russia take over a chunk of Ukraine. Did you see some of those young soldiers? LMAO!!! Not even wearing any insignia. Wow, what a branding fail. (But here's an instance where it will be really, really easy to measure engagement!)
  • Digital Video Hype: Yes, Online Is Growing Fast, But Has A Long Way To Go
    One thing for sure is that there are no better cheerleaders for online video than its creators, but they do get plenty of assists from the rest of the media world that have pre-approved their own demise.
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