• Kids Mimic Their Parents; That's Why Nickelodeon Is Jumping Online
    The Viacom unit announced it would start a standalone Nickelodeon OTT service this year, joining HBO, CBS and more. It's simply taking its business where Nickelodeon's customers are, but its customers have parents who are already drifting from TV and are now just bringing them up that way.
  • A Top Super Bowl Ad We All Hated
    When it comes to the Super Bowl, even if millions have seen ads leaked and teased ahead of time, many more millions can resist the urge. This year, memorable ads include a bigger platform for the "Like A Girl" ad that went viral online last summer, and a new NFL commercial about domestic violence that should stop Super Bowl parties everywhere. Yet some research says the most engaging ads aren't remembered fondly, or with humor.
  • Can Grace Helbig Figure Out TV?
    Helbig is one of YouTube's stars, a vlogger whose "It's Grace" has 2 million subscribers and 150 million views. She's otherwise found all over YouTube -- and will get her own weekly show on cable's E! network beginning in April. She knows transferring a YouTube sensibility to television might be tough.
  • Snapchat's 'Discover' Gives Publishers A Video Showcase
    Snapchat this morning debuted its Discover, a new service to let its mostly youngish users get a sampling of content from a variety of sources. The partners are Scripps Interactive, National Geographic, Yahoo News, Comedy Central, People magazine, CNN, Warner Music Group, ESPN, Vice Media, the UK's Daily Mail and Cosmopolitan.
  • Yes, We Watch Online, But Overwhelmingly We Watch TV Fare
    A new Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau report, titled "Get Real: Video Advertising 2015," uses Nielsen and comScore data to conclude that of the 175 hours an average American spent watching something in September 2014, 80% was spent watching "multiscreen TV content." Only 20% was spent with all Internet activity from the other "four major online portals" and Facebook.
  • New Content Push From Snapchat, Tumblr Show A Growth Dynamic
    Snapchat is the latest, and maybe the most surprising, to announce it will begin what might be called Snapchat Discover, a new publishing stream. Meanwhile, Tumblr has now created a unit that will connect Tumblr bloggers with brands that want to use their expertise to create content.
  • Amazon's 'Transparent' Success And Its Other Transparent Failures
    If Amazon delivered these new pilots to you, by now you'd be sealing up the box and getting ready for a trip to the post office to send them back. If "Transparent" is near the best it can do, the new batch of would-be shows from Amazon might make subscribers think twice.
  • Vessel, With An Exclusive Video Window, Starts Now
    CEO Jason Kilar is betting that sufficient millions of users will pay $2.99 a month to get a chance to see content (with some ads) in a three-day exclusive window before that same material is made available on other sites, including YouTube.
  • Obama Online: Much Ado About Nothing?
    On the one hand, a lot of politicians know nothing about using social media and streaming video. On the other hand, President Obama seems to get high marks just for trying it, even if a lot of it isn't very impressive.
  • Amazon Studios Goes Into The Theatrical Film Biz
    It will begin producing or acquire up to a dozen films this year,and market them to theaters with the idea they will show up on Amazon's online movie service a month -- or maybe two -- later.
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