• What To Do About Piracy? How About Nothing?
    An article on Streaming Media.com says it's hard to know how much online piracy there really is, or if any measures really stop it. One solution: Don't do anything.
  • OTT Zooms In FreeWheel Report
    Over-the-top devices now grab 36% of digital's premium video ad views, says this new, far-ranging report.
  • Could Streaming Video Save Cable Operators?
    Analyst Alan Wolk thinks when Multi Video Program Distributors begin offering streaming content creators to their customers, they could re-arrange the entire bundling business to make it something customers actually want
  • Ads Seem Just As Irritating On Mobile Devices
    In a new Nielsen look at connected devices, 65% say they find smartphone/tablet ads some kind of irritating and apparently wholly forgettable. Does this consumer antipathy surprise anybody?
  • Volume Alone Doesn't Count On Social Networks, A New Study Suggests
    Engagement Labs looked at the effectiveness of cable and OTT providers messages on Twitter and Facebook. Its conclusion is that responsiveness beats just throwing a lot of posts onto social media. By that measure, Food Network, MTV and even Fox Business Network come up larger than their Nielsens alone would predict.
  • Internet U.S. Ad Spend Will Top TV In 2017, Says PwC
    But, says Pricewaterhouse Coopers, online's victory in 2017 will be just by a nose, relatively: $75.3 billion for online, and $74.7 billion for the TV business.
  • Our Lives Are Perfect Fits For (Tasteful) Brand Integration
    Product integration has been around for a long time but has gotten more sexy as it's become a lot more possible for viewers to skip messages.
  • Millions Of Us Don't Care About Chewbacca Mom
    What if a woman laughing hysteriically behind a mask is really just a woman laughing hysterically behind a mask?
  • The Muted Power Of Streaming Ads, And Other Woes
    Mary Meeker's annual trends report always seems to set the industry spinning one way or the other. This year, her discussion of advertising couldn't avoid the 800-pound gorilla with an ad blocker.
  • We Plot Dream Vacay On Mobile, Book On Laptop
    A new report from SpotX says planning a vacation is now often a multiplatformed ordeal that can be tricky for hotels, resorts and destinations.
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