• Video Engagement High on Tablets, Connected TVs, but Low on Mobile Phones
    Don't just know your audience. Know where they're watching your videos and your video ads. Because video viewing habits - from completion rate to engagement - vary widely depending on the device in front of a consumer's eyes when an ad appears. That's the conclusion of online video technology provider Ooyala's latest quarterly report, releasing today, that analyzes video ad viewing habits across connected TVs, computers, tablets and mobile phones.
  • No Social Buzz, But Super Bowl Ad Online Video Views More Than Triples
    The plot thickens. Last week I wrote about how social buzz for Super Bowl ads plummeted - and I mean the skydiving, body-slamming kind - mere minutes after most ads aired. But yet, many of us still went online and watched the ads. What gives? Are Super Bowl ads being seen - both on TV and online - but just not being talked about?
  • 23% Rise in Broadband-Only Homes? Hold On, Cord-Cutting Prognosticators - We're Not There Yet
    Is she or isn't she? The question used to be posed about a woman's hair color. And now, I ask the question of TV viewing: are we or aren't we cutting the cord? Nielsen just released its newest cross-platform report for the third quarter of 2011, which found the number of Internet-only homes jumped 23% year-over-year. But when it comes to stats, you can't just look at the hair color; you have to look at the roots (why yes, that's how you overreach on a metaphor!).
  • Buzz for Super Bowl Spots Died Down in Minutes; What if We Voted via Video BEFORE the Game?
    Remember that football game that was played just five days ago? How about the ads in the game? Chatter on social channels about the ads dropped almost immediately after the Super Bowl ended. In fact, social media tracking service Trendrr found that buzz around the brands in the Super Bowl died off dramatically by Monday with a few exceptions. "Some brands, like H&M, Doritos, and Audi, saw as much as 5 to 10 times the conversation during the airing of the game as they would on a normal day," said Alex Nagler, TV Network liaison at Trendrr.
  • Online Video Competition is Everywhere; Like "The Hunger Games," or "Twilight"
    If you're doing something right, eventually every one wants a piece of the action. Just look at the book business. When young adult novels like "Twilight" and "The Hunger Games" became breakout hits with the wider public, popular adult fiction authors, like John Grisham, and supermodels, like Tyra Banks, and TV stars, like Lauren Conrad, started writing for young adults too. The same is happening with online video. Once a provincial business built on the back of video-centric vendors, such Brightcove, Blip and Tremor Video, online video is now becoming part of the broader offerings of many online media vendors.
  • Watch TV, Earn Rewards: That's How You Make a Social TV Play
    Social TV is off and running and, by all accounts, will become a vital part of how many consumers watch TV. So why not layer in rewards for watching shows? Viggle is doing just that. Viggle, with its iPhone and iPad apps, offers an interesting twist on the new field of social TV. Rather than just serve up companion content, Viggle offers rewards from brands for watching TV shows. It's a smart strategy, and taps into the consumer mindset that's powered the success of social games on Facebook and check-ins on places like FourSquare. Human nature dictates that we like ...
  • Mobile Video Ads Growing Fast; Will Mobile Video Trump Online Pre-Rolls?
    Not only are consumers increasingly connected to their mobile phones, they're also responding to the ads they see on handheld devices. A pair of recent studies confirms that advertising on mobile video isn't just growing quickly; it's growing effectively.
  • CPMs Still Work in Online Video, HealthiNation Finds as it Expands Programming, Ad Base
    Online video publishers, vendors and analysts are often touting the benefits of cost-per-engagement pricing or cost-per-view pricing. And while many marketers benefit from refined pricing strategies, sometimes it pays to also sell on tonnage, as digital lifestyle network HealthiNation has learned. The network expanded its programming lineup and retooled its pricing model and advertiser base in the last year. As a result, the media company grew the number of views from 1.6 million views in January 2011, according to internal metrics, to more than 15 million unique viewers watching 45 million streams in December 2011, according to comScore Video Metrix ...
  • 41% of Super Bowl Viewers to Look up Ad Info During the Game, IAB Study Finds
    Even with the plethora of Super Bowl ads that have been released online before the game, plenty of fans plan to watch the ads again after the game itself this Sunday. A just-released study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau surveyed online users about their plans for the game and found that 41% say they will use their computers during the game itself for "something related to the ads." About 18% plan to watch the commercials on their computers during or just after the game, while only 8% will be watching highlights or replays of the game itself online during or ...
  • Tips and Best Practices for Corporate & Business Videos
    If Blackberry's latest online video effort is any indication, CEOs are increasingly going to put themselves on camera and, by extension, on YouTube and online. But there are good ways and not-so-good ways to place an executive on the Web, as the company's new CEO Thorsten Heins learned in his seven-minute YouTube video introducing himself to the world.
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