• Study: Exchange and DSP Video Buying Triples
    Digital video ad spending is up 27% over last year, buoyed in part by real-time bidding. That's the finding of online video technology firm Adap.TV's latest survey of advertisers, publishers and brands released this week in its fourth quarter state of the industry report .Spending should continue to rise next year, to the tune of another 20% in 2013, the study said.
  • Online Video Ad Views Up 49% Over Last Year
    Video viewing across mobile devices and game consoles more than tripled in the third quarter compared to a year ago, and overall online video ad views continue to outpace video views by a wide margin. Those are among the findings of online video technology firm FreeWheel's third quarter video monetization report, analyzing 14 billion video views and nearly 11 billion video ad views across its client base of media companies.
  • Study: Viewers Only Wait Two Seconds for Online Video to Start
    Online video viewers have a remarkably low tolerance for videos that don't start quickly or play properly. But who knew the tolerance was so slim? Turns out, video viewers will only wait two seconds before they start ditching a video to do something else, according to a study conducted by a University of Massachusetts computer science professor using data from content delivery network Akamai.
  • Study: How Car Makers Can Drive Views for Social Video Year-Round
    Carmakers know how to seize the big opportunity in the Super Bowl and make the most of social sharing of those ads. Case in point: Volkswagen's "The Force" ad was the most shared ad of all time, with more than 6 million shares and more than 62 million views, said social video ad platform Unruly in a just-released research paper.
  • Video Viewing Rises; Netflix Viewers Watch 11 Hours Per Month, Nearly Triple Other Sites
    The same amount of people are watching a lot more Web video than they were a year ago. In September, Americans spent 40% more time with online video and watched 44% more videos than the same period the year before.
  • Video Drives Doubling in Internet Traffic this Year
    North American Internet traffic more than doubled this year, with multi media content comprising about two-thirds of Web traffic in primetime hours, thanks in large part to Netflix streaming. Network equipment provider Sandvine analyzed a cross-section of its customers and found that Internet traffic had risen 120% this year in North America, from 23 gigabytes to 51 gigabytes, with 51 gigabytes equaling 81 hours of video.
  • Video Boosts Mobile Ad Engagement 30%
    As mobile advertising continues its rapid trajectory, more marketers are likely to weave video and rich media into their mobile spots. That's because data continues to prove the effectiveness of video in boosting interaction rates and engagement with mobile ads.
  • 7 of 10 B2B Marketers Use Online Video, Up 35% from Last Year
    Online video marketing is spreading from consumer-facing companies to business-to-business firms, with seven of ten B2B marketers now using online video as a marketing tactic. That's up 35% from last year, and the increase comes as overall money spent on content marketing in the B2B arena rises, according to a just-released study conducted by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, and sponsored by Brightcove. Videos had one of the biggest year-over-year jumps in tactics used by marketers.
  • Samsung Performs Strong in Original Online Video
    Original content continues to score with consumers, and Samsung in particular seems to be hitting on winning combinations in the original video sphere. Brands that produced social videos enjoyed a strong third quarter with more than 1 billion total social video views, up 15% over the second quarter and up more than 75% over the same time period a year ago,
  • 9.4 Billion Video Ads Viewed in September, More than One-Third Higher Than Year Ago
    Despite the new TV season, which pumped fresh on-demand content into the ecosystem, video ads viewed month-to-month held steady in September, according to comScore. Still, ad views were up markedly from the same time last year.
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