• Tweeting About TV: Overrated Or Vital?
    Hub Entertainment Research concludes that social media influencers like Facebook and Twitter don't really do such an awesome job of helping viewers to discover or remain engaged with a show. It's not that they don't work. But the old ways of getting viewers -- traditional advertising and promotion -- are better. Other studies by Viacom and Strategy Analytics also strive to determine just how important social media is to creating a sustainable, profitable buzz about content.
  • Mobile Video Viewing Poised To Take Over By 2016, Ooyala Report Says
    According to Ooyala's Q2 Video Index being released today, viewing via mobile devices is destined to make up more than half of all video views by 2016. That's right around the corner.
  • Hispanic Netflix? That Could Be DirecTV's Plan
    DirecTV has confirmed trade press reports that it's going to launch an OTT service that some say could take the form of a Hispanic-tipped service akin to Netflix. It's an interesting move by DirecTV, that suggests cutting the cord could be multicultural.
  • Premium Video Solidifies Its Lure For Advertisers
    YouTube has nearly 20% of the online video market, but lots of its short, irrelevant videos don't sell anything at all -- so eMarketer says premium sites are catching on.
  • Online Political Advertising Has A Lot Of Room To Grow
    Elizabeth Wilner, senior vice president of political advertising for Kantar Media Intelligence, predicted that $2.4 billion in political advertising will be spent on broadcast TV for this election, with another $600 million-$800 million spent on cable. Online advertising spending is way up -- but comparatively, it's very small potatoes.
  • Small Subjects: What's Behind Neflix's Little Experiment
    Netflix is now testing short-length features, recognizing more viewers are watching video on mobile devices and that the screens on those devices are getting bigger. It wants a piece of the action, too.
  • Nielsen Notes Uptick In Smartphone Video Views
    Digital viewing is driving total viewing time up among all the age groups, says the newest quarterly report from Nielsen on cross-platform viewing. Altogether, viewers watched TV for 12 minutes less per week in Q2 this year compared to a year ago, and TV viewership was down slightly among all demo groups between 18-64.
  • Why Lots of Live Sports Won't Happen That Soon Online
    ESPN's John Skipper says he's not worried that millennials will cut the cord for good, and he's probably right. Sports keep broadcasters and ESPN afloat. Even if online video gets more sports action, the big money will stay where it is--because TV dearly needs live sports, whatever it costs.
  • Gruesome State Department ISIS Video: Is It Ugly Enough?
    The State Department now has an easily accessible video on YouTube that shows would-be martyrs just how bloodthirsty their comrades can be. There is a lot of ugliness packed into this -- amazing that a 21st-century thing like YouTube can be used as a propaganda tool to dissuade young people from reverting to barbarians.
  • New Report Says Online Ads Have The Momentum
    Huge shifts in the way consumers get their content, and the fact that schedule-based TV seems kind of old fashioned, is leading MoffettNathanson to conclude the shift of ad dollars to online is a sure thing, only stopped by one-of-a-kind TV programs, and live sports events.
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