• At Disney-ABC, Just Watch What Has Happened To Viewership Via Apps
    There’s hardly a time I see the 11 o’clock news on WPVI, the ABC-owned station in the Philadelphia area, over a TV set. Mostly, I watch it with the iPad propped up on my knees in the bedroom, getting my dose of the station’s interpretation of area news--mainly “senseless” murders and approaching storms--from the station’s authenticated Watch app before I go to bed. I’m hardly alone. The ABC Watch app is available in the eight markets where Disney-ABC owns stations and allows users to view the entire broadcast schedule in real time, as are apps for the other …
  • A OTT Pioneer Looks At Where The Business Is Now
    "With all that has gone on this year and the end of last year, there's chum in the water for sure now," says Rajeev Raman, CEO and co-founder of the OTT app platform 1 Mainstream, and a former Roku product manager.
  • Why Don't Tablet Owners Use More Video Apps?
    TDG's data says 41% of tablet owners use OTT apps at least once a month. Just 26% use apps from ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. Another 21% use cable network apps. Only 16% use apps available from cable/satellite operators.
  • Chromecast, Cheap, Efficient And Now Challenged
    Chromecast was a minor marketing sensation when it was released just last July. Now, it captures 6% of the over-the-top streaming market. A Parks Associates study says the device is losing its mojo. But really?
  • Massive Growth Of The Internet, Massive Challenges Too
    Cisco's newly released Visual Networking Index Services Adoption Forecast, which reaches out five years to 2018, is chock full of startling and perhaps unsettling observations and predictions. They seem to suggest managing the flow of the Internet, particularly because of video, is going to be a major challenge.
  • 53% Hate The Cable Company, 49% Have TVs Connected To Internet
    According to new data, 72% think cable service will get worse as it gets bigger. "Consumer frustration" will reach the boiling point, says a new study that sizes up the perception problems cable has. A Leichtman Research study says 47% of the nation's households get Netflix, Amazon Prime and/or Hulu Plus.
  • The Biggest Stream: No Doubt, It Will Be World Cup
    The World Cup won't be just a streaming event. It may be the stream caused by the perfect storm of increased mobile use, growing popularity of soccer in the U.S. and a growing Hispanic population that adopted smartphones faster than any other demo, and love the game. Gol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Big Paydays Ahead for OTT And Entire Digital Video Biz
    Globally, spending on digital entertainment and media will account for almost two out of every three dollars spent in that space by 2018.
  • 'Next Time on Lonny" Is Maker's Parody of TV
    Maker.TV's comedy tweaks the conventions of modern story-telling, sometimes crudely, but pretty brilliantly, too.The series had an earlier life on Cracked.com, but now has some show biz muscle behind: Ben Stiller is now the executive producer. But the real stars are the young creators, Dan Schimpf and Alex Anfanger, who were roomies at NYU.
  • Unneutral Thoughts About Net Neutrality
    Ad Age gives a new reason to worry about the two-speed Net neutrality plan, and John Oliver provides all the ammunition to conclude it's a bogus solution to start with.
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