• IAB Seeks A Short-Term Plan To Mesh Mobile, PC Ad Formats
    The Interactive Advertising Bureau is pushing to create a kind of interim path so that standards and specs that are used to deliver PC ads and different ones used for mobile, can be fine-tuned to work easily for both kinds of devices.
  • Some New Data Emphasizes The Drift To OTT Viewing
    Some advertisers tend to marginalize the connected TV universe but a new survey of buyers and planners by Mixpo says they're ready to jump in the buying pool. What's stopping them are some obstacles, technical and practical. As in: They don't know how.
  • Native Advertising Could Feel Right At Home On Smaller Screens
    Native plays well with the increasing common popularity of mobile video content. Though mobile users are apparently not averse to watching longer content on mobile units, small bursts of content obviously should have appeal.
  • The Netflix Price Increase Is Exactly What It Should Be--Not Much
    When Netflix said it would only increase rates $1 a month for new subscribers, some thought it missed an opportunity to make a revenue killing at a time the online service is flying high. Probably, Netflix is right.
  • One Small Order Of Fried Thoughts
    After a week and a half of traipsing through the hyperbole of NewFronts presentations, I was more than happy to see some sarcasm directed toward producers of millennial-minded promos. Thankfully, that happened.  This week’s  “14 Things We Found  On The Internet This Week That Justified Its Very Exixstence”  by Econsultancy’s  Christopher Ratcliff  included a new YouTube video titled,  "What Every Celebrity Commercial Sounds Like."  What makes it really, really good is that it really is what every celebrity commercial sounds like. Especially if the celebrity is rock musician. In this case, the commercial is a parody of Jay …
  • Bad News For Celebrities In Super Bowl Ads: No One Cares
    Unruly, which charts big shares of ads online, has analyzed why this year ad sharing of those expensive spots in the SuperBowl was way down. Among the conclusions: Ads with celebs, ranging from Ellen DeGeneres to the cast of "Full House" to Bob Dylan, aren't guaranteed to trigger the share impulse.
  • Maker Studios Formally Starts Its Own Site, AND Joins Disney Family, AND Does Deal With Omnicom
    Maker Studios, the newest unit of the Walt Disney Company and the self-proclaimed largest provider of content for millennials in the world, unveiled its 23-vertical wide swath of YouTube programming channels at its NewFront presentation Tuesday in New York.   It also formally unveiled its own proprietary web platform, Maker.tv, a premium, curated site. That at least partially exists so that Maker might someday be its own separate thing, not just a hugely successful chunk of the YouTube universe, where YouTube takes a good 45% bite of the ad revenue. Since there are …
  • Vevo NewFront Proves Music And Money Makes World Go 'Round
    With a strong millennial and Hispanic base, Vevo is a music powerhouse and at its NewFront, it let advertisers know it.
  • PBS Digital Is Looking For A Few Good Partnerships
    At its NewFronts presentation, PBS Digital made it crystal clear it came to play in the digital space, where, it appears, it's already gained a lot of traction with younger viewers.
  • A Week Of NewFronts: A World of Food Shows And Analytics
    America now is at the limit for cooking shows, and I say that just a few hours after enjoying a delicious waffle ice cream sandwich with espresso concoction made for the Pop Sugar NewFront crowd at PopSugar's NewFront. Plus: Who's watching all this? DigitasLBi and Simple Reach are checking.
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