• 2014 Could Be 'Massive' for YouTube
    Next year, Google's YouTube seems poised to make the biggest push to grab advertising and viewers from traditional media. It could change everything, except, probably, the general contours of content.
  • Teads.tv InRead Interrupts with Video Ads But Nicely, Nicely
    Tead.tv's InRead format, mostly for text-oriented Websites, pops a video ad into a story but it only plays as you scroll by. If you go past, it quits; if you linger, it plays. And then it's done. It's not totally unobtrusive but it's not totally in-your-face either. Some big news sites, including Reuters, CNBC, Forbes and now The Economist, are using it.
  • If You're Looking for E-Commerce Video, There's a Pretty Good Chance You'll Watch It
    Invodo, which creates and distributes online videos used by e-commerce retailers, released its Q2 and Q3 state of the business in which it says an extraordinarily high number of consumers will watch those kinds of ads almost all the way through if they watch the ad at all. That's good. Right?
  • Lates Ooyala Global Index Touts the Value of Live, Long-Form Content
    As tablets and mobile video devices continue to dominate the trends, Ooyala's periodic global index also notes that many online video consumers are now staying engaged for 10 minutes or more per shot. And live online video, with the right subject, can be a golden opportunity
  • Unicorn Once Has a Wicked Improvement for the Twitter Card
    Unicorn is touting its Unicorn Once solution that lets publishers get the full bang from their Twitter Player Card displays. With one URL, Unicorn can distribute dynamically inserted ads on content seen via those Twitter cards any device anywhere.
  • In Two Minutes You Can Skip This Column and Continue to Site
    Online video ads do a great job encouraging you to leave, or being so distracting that they force you to avoid them. What's a user to do?
  • We'd Do Almost Anything But Rent a Movie from the Cable Company
    The market OTT providers have would seem to be able to seize is vast, based on a Digitalsmith survey that shows 74% of us never, ever, rented a movie from our cable or satellite provider. There is also a sizable percentage that think getting in a car and renting from Redbox is actually more convenient than renting from our service provider.
  • Live From Twitter Comes the Video Sharing Awards
    Unruly Video, the digital ad outfit that hangs it hat on the importance of shared video, will celebrate the passing year of passing video with a live Tweeted awards "show" on Dec.10. It's also produced a nifty Viral Spiral to show us how the sharing has evolved over the years.
  • Do We Do Anything Except Do Media?
    Nielsen's latest cross-platform report shows where and how American consumers are devouring all the media thrown at them. It's a testament to the power of TV and online and even radio, and to the mine field it has become.
  • Beachfront Builder's Newest App Combines Video Content with Social Media
    The online video biz is firmly planted in mobile; that's where the users are headed. But video consumers of the YouTube variety are also social creatures. Now there's an app for that too. Beachfront Builder's 2.0 creation, being announced today, lets users use smartphone to go to a content creator's app for a video, and interact with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter while still in the app.
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