• AppNexus: Kaylie Smith
    AppNexus named Kaylie Smith as managing director, JAPAC.
  • Dorn & Ray: Michael Ray Ortiz and Matthew McPherson
    Dorn & Ray, a full-service creative agency, launched in Brooklyn under the creative direction of Michael Ray Ortiz and Matthew McPherson.
  • Tradeshif: David Ahrens
    Tradeshift hired David Ahrens as chief marketing officer.
  • Beckon: Bernardo de Albergaria
    Beckon named Bernardo de Albergaria as CEO.
  • Fuse Media: Gino Marliani
    Fuse Media named Gino Marliani as chief people officer.
  • Quigley-Simpson: Russ Cohn
    Quigley-Simpson named Russ Cohn as vice president, creative marketing & innovation.
  • HYC Health: Chris DeProfio
    HYC Health hired Chris DeProfio as vice president, account director, working on the agency's Singulex account.
  • Eleven: Melissa Elston
    Eleven promoted Melissa Elston to executive producer.
  • United Entertainment Group: Subodh Samudre and Tom Howells
    United Entertainment Group hired Subodh Samudre as executive creative director and Tom Howells as vice president of planning.
  • Fire Bee: Heather Hughes
    Fire Bee named Heather Hughes as marketing communications manager.
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