• Newspaper Group Now Opposes Yahoogle Search Deal
    Newspaper Association The World Association of Newspapers has added its voice to those who oppose the Google-Yahoo search deal, arguing that Google already wields too much power online.
  • Zango On Hot Seat Again
    Adware company Zango, long under fire by consumer advocates and malware researchers, is once again facing criticism relating to installations.
  • Feds Gunning For Google?
    Yahoo's plan to outsource some paid search ads to Google is facing pushback on several fronts. The Department of Justice has reportedly hired top litigator Sandy Litvack to investigate the deal -- a move seen as signaling a serious intent to pursue a case.
  • Date-Stamp Glitch Hurts Airline Stock
    Date-stamping glitches on Google News happen occasionally, but this week marked the first time that one moved the market . United Airlines saw its stock plunge on Monday after a 2002 Chicago Tribune article about a bankruptcy filing got picked up as if it was current. The result was a fast sell-off, followed by a halt in trading.
  • Google Bargains With EU On Privacy
    Faced with pressure from EU regulators, Google now says it will slice the length of time for which it stores search queries coupled with the IP addresses they originated from.
  • ANA Tries To Scuttle Yahoogle Search Deal
    The big-brand marketers at the Association of National Advertisers are urging the Department of Justice to scrap Yahoo's search deal with Google.
  • Michael Moore Debuts Film On Web
    Michael Moore will soon become the latest entertainer to pull a Radiohead. The filmmaker said today he intends to release his latest movie, "Slacker Uprising," online and for free.
  • NebuAd Officially Shelves ISP-Based Platform
    NebuAd now says it's suspending use of its ISP-based behavioral targeting platform, according to The Washington Post. In fact, however, use of the platform was effectively suspended earlier this summer, when ISPs stopped working with the company.
  • Last Call For NebuAd?
    ISPs abandoned the company. Lawmakers condemned its tactics. And now, Bob Dykes, former CEO of NebuAd, is taking a job as CFO at VeriFone Holdings. His departure as CEO (he will remain as chairman), coming after months of setbacks, marks yet another challenge for the controversial company. What's more, it could signal trouble for other ad companies that intend to purchase data about consumers from ISPs.
  • Polish On Google's New Chrome Tarnished By Privacy Questions
    In its latest challenge to Microsoft, Google has launched its own browser, Chrome, which raises significant privacy questions
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