• Comcast Brings Data Caps To Chicago
    Starting in August, Comcast's broadband customers in Chicago who consume more than 1 Terabyte of data per month will face overages ranging from $10 to $200.
  • Senate Democrats Urge FCC To Ban 'Pay-For-Privacy' Schemes
    Seven influential Democratic senators, including Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Massachusetts' Elizabeth Warren, are urging the Federal Communications Commission to issue tough broadband privacy rules.
  • Broadband Privacy Proposal Threatens To 'Severely Burden' Consumers, ANA Says
    The Federal Communications Commission's proposed broadband privacy rules may "severely burden" consumers by subjecting them to a deluge of opt-in requests, the ANA argues.
  • Comcast And Netflix End Feud
    Cable company Comcast will make Netflix's app available on the X1 set-top box, the companies said today.
  • NY Attorney General Backs Broadband Privacy Rules
    New York state's top law enforcement official is urging the FCC to enact tough privacy rules that would restrict broadband providers from using subscribers' Web activity for ad purposes.
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