• Think Tank Touts Pay-For-Privacy Broadband Pricing, Blasts 'Paternalistic' Critics
    "Privacy fundamentalists should not prevent those who are willing to give up data on their browsing habits from doing so," the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation argues.
  • Rural Americans Less Likely To Use Email, Watch Online Video
    Seventy-five percent of urban Americans say they use the Web, but only 69% of rural Americans say they do so, according to a new Department of Commerce report.
  • Adblock Plus Strikes Back At Facebook
    Adblock Plus has unveiled a workaround that allows users to resume blocking ads on Facebook.
  • LinkedIn Sues To Shut Down 'Scrapers'
    LinkedIn is going on the offensive against Web users who allegedly create fake profiles in order to gain access to the site and collect data about its members.
  • FCC Chair Doesn't Want Privacy Treated As 'A Luxury Item'
    The FCC hasn't yet taken a position on whether to prohibit "pay-for-privacy" pricing. But Chairman Tom Wheeler recently made a statement that left privacy advocates hopeful.
  • FTC Sues Contact Lens Seller For Restricting Rivals' Online Ads
    Contact lens seller 1-800Contacts went too far in trying to control how its name is used in online ads, the FTC alleges in a new antitrust complaint.
  • Web Companies Now Track Visitors Based On Battery Life
    People may rely on their phones' battery indicators to know when to find an electrical outlet, but some ad tech companies have found another use for the data.
  • Copyright Office Weighs In Against FCC's Proposal To 'Unlock The Box'
    Proposed cable-box rules that would let consumers more easily watch programs on tablets and smartphones could conflict with entertainment companies' rights, according to the U.S. Copyright Office.
  • Pennsylvania Residents Hit With 'Netflix Tax'
    Pennsylvania residents who pay for Netflix, Hulu or other over-the-top video services must now cough up an additional 6% sales tax on their subscriptions.
  • Apple Strengthens Do-Not-Track On iPhones And iPads
    Apple's new operating system, iOS10, will prevent ad networks from using iPhones' and iPads' advertising identifiers to collect data across apps, if users activate "limit ad tracking."
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