• End Goal for Search
    "You should only spend search dollars if you've got a goal in mind," said Josh Pierry, of Healthline. "Every dollar spend in SEM should bring more than that dollar back. Particularly during a recession."
  • New Interactive Advertising Models On Horizon?
    It's no secret that interactive ads create a tighter bond between consumer and content owner or brand. But content owners want new and interesting interactive advertising models. Patrick Keane, EVP CMO, CBS Interactive, says there's lots of ad agencies, but few offer advertisers something new and different.
  • Mobile & IPTV Content: The Next Frontier?
    Are you bullish on made-for-mobile entertainment or think it should complement available media as an addition to broadcast and Internet television, also known as IPTV (Internet Protocol Television)?
  • Think Like P&G
    During a wide-ranging discussion about distributed content, Patrick Keane of CBS Interactive talked about the future of video distribution and the marketing of it. Keane said video content creators have to become merchandisers and think like P&G.
  • What's Next for the Web?
  • Big Media to Startup - would you make the switch?
    "When you work at a huge media company, you spend most of the day protecting what you've got, and the other part talking about how to move forward," said Jonathan Miller, former CEO of AOL, who has since launched, Velocity Interactive Group, a VC firm dedicated to helping new media firms grow.
  • Forget The Long Tail, The Real Action Is In The Expanding Middle
    What does "video" mean to two of Hollywood's biggest online video players? Well, according to Velocity's Ross Levinsohn, it's about giving users the same of lean back, "passive" media experience that television has dominated for 50 years. The big difference said his partner, Jonathan Miller, is where that content will be coming from.
  • Time To Short Bear Stearns, But Go Long On Hollywood Parking Garages
    OMMA moderator and Media X columnist Jack Feuer strode to the stage in preparation for his conversation with Velocity’s dynamic duo of Ross Levinsohn and Jonathan Miller, and surveyed the audience on how many parked their car this morning at the conference hotel, the Hollywood Renaissance. “29 a day. Isn’t that amazing. That’s like what. 15 shares of Bear Stearns,” Feuer quipped.
  • CBS will stream every NBA game online on Thursday
    March Madness indeed. Sports fans will think they just died and went to digital heaven... even 8th-tier teams will get a place to shine.
  • Patrick Keane breaks it down 5 ways
    Today advertisers want five basic measurable qualities in their agencies and the campaigns they run, according to Patrick Keane, chief marketing officer for CBS Interactive, who's talking about the way to maximize video ad spend.
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