• takeaways from Marty Weintraub's Marketing Hurricane
    Amid the debris left in Hurricane Marty's wake are these key takeaways: 1. understand each channel's internal search 2. note footprints and use mainstream search 3. find recent conversion-themed conversations 4. engage users, be non-gratuitous and "real" 5. chrome translation is your friend 6. Facebook can lend perspective to other channels
  • Marty Weintraub is a hurricane of online marketing advice
    This man is literally a force of nature.  There are so many tips and pointers emanating from the stage, at such speed, that it's impossible to keep up on a live blog.  You basically just have to see it.  So make sure to attend the next SIS!
  • a tip from Marty Weintraub
    the manic social impressario dispenses some wisdom for combining search and social: "Try mapping your conversion keywords on to regional Twitter conversations with the noise filtered out." 
  • favorite quote of the morning
    from Marty Weintraub, alluding to the subtle Zen-like quality of social media marketing, on being friended by a prospect on Facebook: "Now she's got me right where I want her."
  • crushing bad actors
    Yahoo and Microsoft both try to catch bad actors in search marketing up front with filtration mechanisms, according to Shawn Evans of Microsoft Syndication and Lindsay Johnson of Yahoo; in a rather pleasing authoritarian turn of phrase, Johnson says that Yahoo is constantly working to "crush" bad actors -- for example, non-human bot networks (which is, as one Tweeter notes, a very District 9 image). However Andries de Villeirs of adMarketplace points out that there can also be policing of bad actors through a "natural selection" mechanism, as long as advertisers have control over bidding so they can bid more ...
  • mobile search is 15%-20% of search volume
    More confirmation that mobile search currently represents about 15%-20% of total search volume -- that's the amount that Yahoo's publisher partners say comes from mobile, according to Yahoo's Lindsay Johnson.
  • 40% of Yahoo's Search Alliance Network clicks come from syndicated
    40% of Yahoo's Search Alliance clicks come from syndicated search, according to Lindsay Johnsons, organizational lead for search affiliates partnerships and operations for Yahoo.  That's about 5 billion clicks per month.  Which is a lot of clicks.
  • is there transparency in search syndication right now?
    "No," says Micah Nyatsambo, director of emerging technology for Media Contacts.  However adMarketplace is adding that level of transparency, and he predicts that search syndication will be a big area of future growth.
  • most SIS attendees have more than two devices with them
    Oh, you tech-savvy marketers. A quick poll of attendees at SIS finds the large majority have more than two devices with them; I'm guessing the typical device portfolio is a laptop, a smartphone, and an iPad. Although there could be more, as Colin Jeavons, president and CEO for Vertical Search Works, notes that "lots of people have more than one smartphone, and then before you know it you can have four or five or more devices."  Alarming but true.
  • social media advertising is a research channel
    The panel and audience makes and interesting point today: social search marketing shouldn't be viewed as just a media buy, as it can also be a research channel. This echoes something that Nate Riggs, digital marketing strategist for restaurant marketing for Bob Evans, said yesterday -- essentially saying that the company's social media efforts might not always have directly measurable ROI, but are noentheless useful as a channel for measuring the effectiveness of coupons and promotions, as well as alerting management when there are issues that need to be addressed.
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