• Preheaders Are Becoming More Important as Mobile Takes Off
    Preheaders in email are important for Bissell Homecare. Alysson Reagan, eCommerce Programs Manager, Bissell Homecare, said that as consumers are viewing emails more and more emails on mobile, preheaters are becoming even more important. The company also works to make sure that the subject line coincides with the preheader.
  • Facebook Connect No Email Substitute
    As useful as Facebook Connect can be to publishers and various other platforms, it's still no substitute (as an authentication tool) for email. George DiGuido, Head of Email Marketing at Airbnb, tells the story of a "genius developer" who saw fit to drop email in place of FB Connect. The problem was that, particularly abroad, far fewer consumers have Facebook (or are willing to connect to sites with it) than email. In no time, "User adoption rates decreased about 25%," DiGuido told attendees of OMMA's Email Insider Summit on Thursday morning. It was a "real horror story." That said, used …
  • Airbnb Learns Its Facebook Connect Lesson
    Airbnb learned the hard way that email is still important for login. One of the company's product leads removed email login and only allowing Facebook Connect and their user acquisition rates dropped significantly. It was a bad move particularly in Asian countries where Facebook is not active. However, used alongside email, Facebook connect is very effective. "It gives us a lot more insight into our user base and help us use that in our marketing base," George DiGuido, Head of Email Marketing at Airbnb."For those who do convert, we tend to see a higher engagement."
  • Tena Clark Talking Authenticity
    Kicking off OMMA's Email Insider Summit with a big message, music industry legend Tena Clark is preaching the virtues authenticity. "If you're not being authentic, [audiences] know it," said Clark, who -- having written and produced hits for Patti LaBelle, LeAnn Rimes, and Aretha Franklin -- knows a thing or two about authenticity.... and branding. In fact, Clark spent the early part of her career in the production house of Leo Burnett. Realigning with Madison Ave., Clark founded DMI Music & Media Solutions in 1997 to, as she puts it, preach the importance of sound as a branding element. The …
  • Telling A "Glasshole" From A "Glasswipe"
    Are you a "Glasshole" or a "Glasswipe?" Respectively, that's what people are now calling the first Google Glass users and Google Glass haters. Per this charming new parlance, Rob Garner, Chief Strategy Officer at Advice Interactive Group, is a huge Glasshole. Sure to change search in the most fundamental ways, Glass "is the most functional piece of headgear ever created," Garner stressed, while showing off the new technology on a panel at OMMA's Search Insider Summit on Wednesday. Addressing the more vocal Glasswipes in attendance, Garner said: "There are a lot of misconceptions about Glass." In fact, "People think it …
  • Forget Measurement Without Actionable Data!
    Stop investing in measurement for measurement's sake! The data experts couldn't stress this point enough at OMMA's Search Insider Summit on Wednesday. The point of measurement is actionable insights, and if you're not getting those then stop what you're doing (!), said David Wiener, Director of Product & Platform Strategy at BlueKai. The name of the game is "measurement for activation," he said. Yet, that doesn't mean that marketers can ignore the bigger picture, said James Mathewson, Senior Digital Strategist for Search and Content Strategy at IBM. "Campaigns stand and fall based on the whole ecosystem," he stressed, so it's …
  • Turning Insights Into Sex & "Shit Ton Of Money"
    Around every corner, there's "a shit ton of money to be make in very practical ways." So Heidi Therese Dangelmaier, Founder of Girlapproved, a New York "think tank," told attendees of OMMA's Search Insider Summit on Wednesday morning. Take Axe exploiting the "fact" that a man's hair (or lack thereof) immediately determines whether or not women will sleep with him. And, Axe made millions off that critical insight, according to Dangelmaier. Indeed, before Axe came around, our culture shamed young men for putting any real effort into grooming. "These poor men!" she said -- referring to their "fear of having …
  • Can Daily Deals Boost SEO?
    What benefit -- if any -- businesses receive from daily deal programs is the subject of much debate. If nothing else, one unexpected advantage might be a boost to businesses' search engine optimization efforts. So Andrew Shotland, local SEO consultant at LocalSEOGuide.com, told attendees of OMMA's Search Insider Summit on Tuesday. "I've heard of clients losing a lot of money on [daily deals]," Shotland said. However, the deals can make for an "interesting" search engine optimization strategy, he noted.
  • Don't take my time and waste it
    When I think of mobile, I think about smartphones. I don't think of a tablet or laptop as mobile. The user experience on mobile is personal, short bursts, per Joelle Kaufman, Head of Marketing and Partnerships, BloomReach. At the MediaPost Search Insider Summit, the panel led by Andrew Shotland talked about cross-screen modeling. It takes more than one screen to complete the path. For starters, look for consistent intent signals.Mobile isn't a media channel. It's a consumer access point, per Rob Griffin, the summit's emcee.
  • Lower mobile media spending this holiday season?
    Holiday consumer spending may be big for retailers. But it doesn’t mean those retailers will be spending in all areas of media to reach them. Speaking at the Search Insider Summit, Andrew Shotland, founder of local SEO for Guide.com, says research has shown 50% of chief marketing officers are reducing mobile spending this holiday season. Joelle Kaufman, head of marketing and partnerships, BloomReach says: “Mobile traffic is going through the roof. But when [consumers] click through a mobile site they don’t always get what they want. It makes no sense to …
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