• Fandango's Michael Ridgewell and the NBA?
    Fandango’s Michael Ridgewell on CRM, “important thing is the R, relationships matter. Go beyond data ... engage our consumers in new, important ways. Influencing customer’s journey.”You néed a holistic plan, then map the paths (first trailer, opening weekend), then personalize and measure the value.”Balance heart and commerce for trust, especially between purchases,” he says. Between purchases, this is when you think about how often does a consumer buy from your organization?”In between purchase periods, how do I get to a point where you like me. “If the experience isn’t seamless,“ it may not work.“Yes, I’m in the ticketing business but …
  • Day 2 At Brand Marketers Insider Summit In Lake Tahoe
    Today we pop the hood on the tech stack and data driving a growth strategy. First, we're going to hear from Fandango's Michael Ridgewell, vice President of CRM and digital marketing there.
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