• Web Viewers Watched More than 800 Million News Videos in February
    As the political season heats up with primaries, Web consumers watched nearly 815 million online news and information videos last month. That's from a total of about 38 million overall videos viewed online. What's more, the recently launched partnership between Yahoo and ABC snared an impressive half of those news views. According to comScore data for February, more than 72 million unique viewers watched those 815 million news and information videos in February, with Yahoo and ABC capturing 50% of those views.
  • TV Everywhere a Road to Nowhere?
    The new Amazon-Discovery streaming video pact alone isn't enough to send TV Everywhere into oblivion. But are we getting closer to TV Nowhere land instead? Look, I'm a fan of TV Everywhere, TV Anywhere, Capitalism and whatnot. I'd love to see cablers sling their programming around to various devices wherever consumers might be. But TV Everywhere isn't happening with any alacrity. The service was first announced nearly three years ago, and while there have been some rollouts, rights issues continue to bedevil the industry .
  • More Branded Web Video Projects Coming Down the Pike
    Online video advertising company Outrigger Media's latest project "Bourdain's Travel Crew " is generating a lot of buzz as a smart and well-done vehicle for branded video content with sponsor Tumi, but it also may be the start of many such deals that Outrigger engineers in the coming months. The show has already amassed nearly 60,000 views on YouTube for the first three episodes since its launch last week, and next month Outrigger plans to roll out a platform to connect brands and producers, as it did with Tumi and the production company Zero Point Zero for "Bourdain's Travel Crew."
  • Evening Is Prime Time For Tablet Viewing: 1/3 Of Videos Watched In Evening On Tablets
    Video viewing on tablets peaks in the evenings and also perks back up in the early mornings, while desktop viewing is strong during the day, suggesting that consumers are finding room in their lives to switch screens as they move about their day. The latest research from online video technology firm Ooyala has found that video plays on iPads, which slow down overnight, kick back up around 7 a.m. then trickle off after 9 a.m. Views rise high again in the evenings, the company said in its latest analysis of iPad viewing , conducted across 100 million monthly unique viewers.
  • Kony Fastest-Growing Viral Video in History is Five Years in the Making: How a Viral Video Took Off
    By the time you read this, the fastest-growing viral video ever will have amassed many more millions of views. Because by the morning of March 9, the 30-minute documentary about Ugandan rebel leader Joseph Kony had racked up 70 million views just days after the viral campaign itself started on March 5. It's the fastest growing viral video in history, faster even than Susan Boyle's rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream" that shot her to fame, said online video measurement service Visible Measures. Her video reached 70 million views in six days; the Kony video reached that mark in five …
  • New Video Portal Proves Sticky - TumTiki Sees 50% to 70% of Visitors Keep Browsing
    Video site newcomer TumTiki has made big strides in growing its library and now boasts 1 million titles, up from 700,000 at launch late last year. That includes 90,000 TV shows and 110,000 movies. The Frontier Communications-owned site launched with the goal to become a portal for video viewing online, and the next order of business will be to refine the look and layout based on early user behavior. Frontier declined to reveal usage and visitor numbers, but did share some insight on what consumers are doing on the site. The result? So far, the service is surprisingly sticky.
  • Mobile Video Campaigns Grow 22% Quarter over Quarter
    Digital video is making serious inroads on mobile devices, according to new data shared by mobile video ad network Rhythm New Media. The mobile company has seen big jumps in the number of advertisers using mobile video, and also on the reach of mobile video. The number of marketers using in-stream video in their mobile campaigns has grown 22% quarter over quarter, and now 93% of advertisers are using in-stream mobile video, up from 76% in the fourth quarter of 2011 across Rhythm's network.
  • Are Online Video Auto Ads Hitting the Mark?
    Carmakers are among the top spenders in online video ad dollars, just as they are on TV. But what are online video consumers looking for in a vehicle? Online video ad vendor Videology surveyed video viewers to get a sense of whether auto ads are hitting the mark. Are carmakers talking about the features in their video ads that most interest their potential buyers?
  • New Technology Lets Web Video Viewers Skip Pre-Roll Ads
    Let me say for the record that I love the idea of ads. I love hearing about success in advertising, about ad dollars rising, about brands driving revenue and sales because of ads. Since advertising is, well, what I write about. But I have to confess that as a consumer, they sometimes irk me. (I know, I know - throw the rotten tomatoes at me now). But ad irritation is a reality and it's obviously one that advertisers and online video ad vendors are well aware of. Enter Solve Media with an innovative way to get on a consumer's good …
  • YouTube New Channels More than Doubling the Audience for Some Programmers
    Digital programmer Young Hollywood Network has more than doubled its monthly YouTube viewership so far this year a result of partnering with the site on YouTube's new channels initiative. Young Hollywood's jump from about one million YouTube views each month to more than 2.5 million views per month is an early indicator of the potential of the YouTube programming project to drive audiences and advertiser interest.
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