• On YouTube, a Gun-Happy Site Hits the Headlines
    Gun violence, and how to stop it, seems to finally be an urgent issue in this country, after the tragedy at Newtown, On YouTube, there is a lot of pro-gun sentiment and least one pro-gun drama going on. The brains behind an extremely popular YouTube channel that shows off high-powered assault weapons, was murdered a couple weeks ago--leaving behind a channel with over 3 million subscribers. But of course, a few of his fans believe he was murdered by the government.
  • Explaining The Near Future in Enormous Bytes
    Bell Labs says the share of time we'll spend with traditional broadcast TV will shrink to 10% Just seven years from now,
  • Unruly Super Bowl Playbook Is An Offensive Coordinator of Your Online Game Plan. So to Speak
    We get all excited about Super Bowl ads this time of the year. The creativity! The engagement! The millions and millions of dollars each one of those commercials represent! And the big fat flops! Every commercial a huge risk! What's not to like? Unruly, the global platform provider for social video advertising with U.S. offices in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles (and also San Francisco, whose team may actually be involved in the Super Bowl) released its Super Bowl Social Video Playbook that demonstrates how online video is an extraordinary message extender. That's a good thing to know if …
  • Loud Channel's New YouTube Sitcom Is a Great Big Piece of ...Work
    "Coogan's Auto," a new online series that debuted today on You Tube-backed channel Loud is a really clear example of how bad, bad content can be peddled as edgy, fresh entertainment.
  • My Short Engagement Span
    The difference between me and the person online advertisers want me to become is that I don't want to become engaged.I will admit, it happens anyway, but for dumb reasons. For marketers, that's probably A-OK. Anything to get you in the door. I should say that for this blog, I watch a lot of video, a lot of advertising. A lot of it is very good, truly engaging, sometimes clever, sometimes brilliant. I also sense that a certain strain of online video advertising is being produced to be enjoyed only by other people in the business. I like a good …
  • Mobile, with Its Big Toe Already in the Video Business, is Poised for Greatness-- or Maybe Just Bigness
    I have a 46 inch HDTV in my living room. The screen size on my iPad is 9.7 inches (or 7.85 on the mini version). The screen size on an iPhone is about four inches. That's progress. Because users can access video anywhere with these smaller devices, the future belongs to online video. You can ask just about anybody who knows anything. The British-based fourthsource.com did just that. Most effusively, Chris Koopmans, vice president and general manager (and the title just goes on and on) for Citrix, predicts, "Video content will double in volume in 2013, and its overall percentage …
  • Touchstorm Plans an 'Arena' That Surrounds the Online Video Advertisement
    Touchstorm, a top online video distributor, has put together a new hybrd video plattorm that lets advertisers put their message on a Web page that is a comfortable fit with the product. It's a way for advertisers that have video too long for pre-roll and too blatantly commercial to be considered as "editorial' to find a place for their message to fit contextually.
  • In Hulu We Trust: Video Site Previews Three New Series Amid Uncertain Times
    Hulu today let critics see preview reels for three new series scheduled to debut this summer. But the showcase comes just days after Hulu's founding CEO says he's leaving amid reports the networks that own Hulu aren't sure what to do with it.
  • The Doctor Will See You Now--Online
    Self-directed health care in this country someday might get down to an office visit that's done online. That day may be coming sooner than you think. One year from now, about 32 million Americans-more than the total population of New Jersey and New York State --will enter the health care system. That's the year Obamacare comes into effect full flower, and non-insured people will have to sign up with a provider, or pay a penalty. Perhaps then, Americans who haven't noticed it so far will discover the plain fact that there is a major physician shortage in the United States. …
  • An Online Video Site Presenting Political News in Short Sound Bites! It's a Revolution
    When The Washington Post announced the other day that it would start a online political video "channel" this summer, it made sense as an idea, if not necessarily a great idea. We'll finally be able to watch...news people and politicians talk about politics. As that wily old German wag Otto von Bismarck noted a long time ago, "Laws are like sausages. It's better not to see how they are made." It is also hard to get totally jazzed by the idea of an online channel reporting politics in typical five minute chunks that they'll be allotted according to The Post's …
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