• Dying Newspapers Now; Dying TV Stations Next?
    Just about everybody concedes that one of the ways newspapers went bad was by offering up their content online and not making it much different from what was in the print product. How is that different from what is happening with television? Network television shows are easily found online, on Hulu or Hulu Plus or Netflix or from, say, Comcast's video on demand service.
  • A Look at How Some Publishers Can Over-stuff a Website Full of Ads
    Digiday.com looked at a gossip site called Crazy Days and Nights one recent day, and found "no fewer" than 21 ad impressions served per page, with help from some of the bigger names in the business. It says a situation like that can't do anything to drive down the price of online advertising.
  • 57 Million Videos (And Nothin' On): Maybe That's Why Apple Bought Little Matcha.tv
    One of the looming problems for online video producers as they look to become major purveyors of premium content is finding an easy way to let consumers know what's what and where it's at. Apple might be thinking the same way with its acquisition of little (but highly regarded) Matcha.tv
  • Variations on the Same Word. I Got My Chef Together and then I Shipped My Pants
    Online video ads can be a little cheekier than most advertisers would dare to try on television, as ads for Kmart, Rent-a-Center and now some Kraft products show. Those commercials get noticed, and written about. And maybe they work. But even they evoke criticism from some consumers, just like ads from earlier days of television did.
  • Stringwire Is Newly-Acquired NBC Technology to Capture User-Generated Video Quickly
    NBC News said it is acquiring Stringwire, a new business started by a recent NYU grad that assembles in-coming videos tweeted by eyewitnesses to breaking news events. Though viewers have been sending videos to news organizations for at least the last decade, Stringwire streamlines the process
  • Online Video Ads Might Work, If Only We Had One
    Relevancy Group released a study earlier this year that shows most email marketers don't include a video consumers can click on for more information, not so much because they don't believe that's a worthy idea but just because they don' t have video to show.
  • How Big A Business Can Facebook Video Ad Units Become?
    Morgan Stanley analysts are predicting Facebook could generate $1 billion in revenue in its first year of adding video ads to its site on a regular basis, and it's plain that Facebook has the numbers to suggest that whenever the ads begin, they could hit big. .
  • The Shorting Of Online Video
    A lot of eyes are on the New York Stock Exchange where YuMe debuts its IPO this morning. But just as many should be watching Tremor Video's quarterly results when it releases them on Thursday. They will be the first earnings the company has reported since going public June 27th, and the results will likely impact investor confidence in the company, as well as its competitors, and possibly even the ad technology sector overall. Tremor's IPO was the first significant one in ad tech industry this year, and it hasn't exactly sparked a rally among public investors since it began …
  • CNet To Debut XCAR, Audi Exclusive Launch Sponsor
    CNet this week is launching XCAR -- a premium video brand for car enthusiasts, VidBlog has learned. As part of a larger campaign to promote its TDI clean-diesel technology, Audi has signed on as XCAR's exclusive launch sponsor through October.
  • Blinkx Buys Grab Media
    Video search engine blinkx has acquired online video content syndication and ad platform Grab Media. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.
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