• The Unpredictable Ebbs, Flos and Gangnum Psy's Must Freak Out Online Advertisers
    Cheezburger co-founder Ben Huh had an old lament for the Guardian, though delivered in a positive way. Things move so fast, he said, and that's coming from a guy whose company became a business success long before it had a business plan.
  • Oh, the Competition to Crack Open That Second Screen Piggy-Bank! Innovid/Cisco Give It a Whack at IBC
    Innovid and Cisco are at IBC demonstrating two new advertising solutions that will mesh the second screen with the first screen,and with your buying habits. All around, a lot of brain power is being spent trying to figure out ways to better monetize the multi-device ad sales floor.
  • Ooyala's Mosaic Player Aims at Getting Viewers, Then (Happily) Drowning Them with Cross-Platform Content
    Ooyala's already a big player in video solutions for sports networks and leagues, but its new mosaic player turns up the heat a few dozen degrees.
  • Is Online Video, Darling of the Digital Age, Soaking Advertisers?
    Nielsen's Cross-Platform Report will tend to suggest advertisers overspend on online video based on viewership, which is still pretty darn low.
  • The Big News Is That Smart TV Viewers Like Traditional Commercials
    When viewers see online content on a smart TV, they'd rather see the traditional TV commercial, not the pre-roll, according to new reserach from YuMe, Nielsen and set maker LG. And it appears they aren't always bingeing on Netflix either.
  • A Lucky Couple Is Getting Married Live on Bravo, and America Is Picking the Fiat They Drive Home
    Bravo, Innovid and Fiat are teaming up to push a new interactive campaign in whch viewrers and online visitors to Bravo's site will be able to decide what kind of Fiat to give to a couple that will be married live on "Watch What Happens Live." What Bravo and Fiat hope will happen is a major surge in Fiat awareness and sales.
  • The Amazing Number of Times We Share Videos Off of Our Mobile Devices
    According to some data, we watched four billion videos on mobile devices in June, and then shared most of them, which is just ridiculous to contemplate. But if it's true or even almost true, you can see why making mobile video advertising easy is such a priority.
  • Samsung, Nokia Commercials Get Shared Online More than Apple iPhone Blurbs. And That Means???
    If I bought the items in every commercial friends shared with me, I'd have several sports cars, many cases of Dos Equis and a washer-dryer that could be used by smart polar bears. But I don't. Now, however Unruly Media has released data that shows commercials for Samsung and Nokia phones are shared far more than commercials for Apple's iPhone.Does that mean anything? Unruly thinks so.
  • By 2017, Things Will Probably Be Better Than This Optimistic Study Says
    A new eMarketer report says nearly 63% of the total US population will be digital viewers by 2017, but when you observe how quickly new media gets adopted, doesn't that seem a little slow? Right now, about 58% are already digital viewers.
  • The Tale of the Cargo Cultists and the Analytics Data Collectors
    OK, how many metrics figures can you fit on the head of a pin? In Berlin, a Internet data expert laughed, then sighed about the misapplication of data. Sometimes just because it's there, you don't really need to use it.
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