• The Sort of Orderly Pace of Online Video Commerce Gets September Surprises
    Most months, comScore's US Online Video Rankings is a kind of fill-in-the-blanks exercise for the person who writes the comScore release, with only occasional changes that make much of difference. But September was a breakthrough month for AOL, and, maybe,a breakdown month for Machinima.
  • Digital Advertising Needs to Build Awareness It's Good for Something Beyond Building Awareness
    A new report from eMarketer tackles the fact that marketers almost always use digital advertising to build awareness rather than suppose that it could be useful for changing opinions, or building up consideration or creating preferences, or all the middle/lower parts of the funnel.
  • The Click Through Rate for Mobile Video Ads Is Through the Roof, Says New Unruly Report
    Unruly, the media company that usually makes its mark measuring shares of ads, is reporting today that the click through rate for ads played on mobile devices is nearly three times higher than from a laptop or desktop, and that growth of mobile advertising CTR has just exploded in the last year.
  • Today is the Golden Age of Video--and It's Only Monday!
    That was one upbeat crowd in Cannes at MIPCOM, concluding that without much doubt that online video, with its binge viewing possibilities, or maybe its five-minute segments snacking segments, is a fertile farmland for growing content. A lot of people are ready to start harvesting.
  • Updated Story: A Third of Millennials "Mostly Watch Online/No Broadcast TV" Says A New York Times Survey
    A new survey of 4,000 consumers by The New York Times discloses 34% of Millennials say they watch no broadcast TV at all or mostly watch online. But some old forms of communication seem to be holding up. When people want to really understand something, they far prefer reading about it than watching a video about it.
  • Pew Report Shows Newest Competition in the Content Business Could Be Everybody Online
    According to a new Pew survey, 18%--almost two out of 10 -of all Internet users have made their own video and posted it to a Website. Among younger people, that figure jumps to 41% for people aged 18-29 years old and 36% for users 30-49.
  • Let's Just Call Online Content What It Isn't!
    As over the top devices and smart TVs proliferate, what is it that consumers will call that online stuff they're watching? Television, probably. Maybe online content providers should start calling it that, too.
  • More Internet Video Hook Ups Than People in the World by 2017
    Led by smartphones and tablets, it appears there will be more video devices in the world (8 billion) than there are people (7.4 billion) by 2017. A lot of that will be happening in developing nations around the world. But a lot of it will be reflect more and more devices in our homes,
  • Nielsen's Twitter Measurement: Much Ado About 140 Characters?
    Nielsen today began formally reporting how many tweets there were about television shows, and as has been widely reported during the week of Sept. 23, there were more than 1.2 million tweets about "Breaking Bad" reaching nearly 9.3 million Twitter users. This will become a measurement that surely, some networks and programmers will use to show how engaged audiences are with some shows. It sounds ridiculous, when you think about it for more than a minute, or more than 140 characters.
  • Tweets and Facebook Recommendations Can't Beat WOM for Online Viewing
    A PricewaterhouseCoopers study shows that streaming video viewers decide what to watch online just like they do for conventional television: Word of mouth is still a pretty powerful persuader.
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