• Football's Been Very, Good to Online Too; CBSNews.Com Tweaks JFK Plans; Remembering Les Brown
    Adap.tv has floated some interesting data about the power of football to draw consumers not only to TV, but to online sites too, and it's separated its data to show what devices are being used on what days.
  • Hulu, the First Online Content Provider To Become A Cable Network?
    The Wall Street Journal reports that Hulu has approached cable and telco operators like Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Verizon and AT&T to strike a deal that would add Hulu to their pay package so viewers could use it to access whole seasons of series. That seems like a kind of odd add-on given that most of the big cable and telco operators already have on-demand services. But maybe Hulu's plan would also reposition that brand in an a valuable way.
  • The Early Adopters Of Online Video Are Just Learning How to Walk, Too
    It's hard to underestimate how much kids drive the newest video tech advances but it's been true since the time when UHF television was something more akin to radio than video. That's where kids who are now in their 50s or so found cartoons and wrestling and reruns of old, old TV shows.
  • What Clifford Nass's Rebuke of Multi-Tasking Says About Online Video
    Stanford professor Clifford Nass, whose research in 2009 concluded that so-called "multi-taskers" were really not very good at it, died earlier this month. Do his opinions on the distracting nature of the Internet also say something about the lack of stickiness in online video?
  • How to Make Online Video Interesting Enough for Advertisers to Actually Buy
    A new survey from Strata says advertisers tell them video is their main area of focus, but don't get too excited. The video that captures most of their attention is cable, not online video sites.
  • Samba and Bravia Make A Good OTT Couple
    Samba TV, a Smart TV apps creator and and multi-screen advertising firm, has linked with numerous TV apps on Sony Bravia devices, giving Sony a chance to enhance its offerings, and allowing second-screen integrations. It's good news for advertisers who are tip-toeing toward OTT.
  • Google's New Helpouts Adds New Real-Time Video How-To Service
    Google's new Helpouts gives live, one-on-one video help on a range of topics, from health to computers. There are several Websites that do similar things. But they aren't the size of Google.
  • Netflix Takes the Ultra Plunge; For Now, the World Yawns
    Netflix is experimenting with Ultra HD video, and hopes to be presenting some content in so-called 4K by next year. Unfortunately for them, that's probably years before more than a handful of viewers will be able to to see it.
  • CBSNews.com Will Recreate JFK Assassination in Real Time
    CBSNews.com will try something a little unusual with its JFK commemoraion of the 50th anniversary, streaming its 1963 coverage online in what would have been real time back then.For many, seeing that coverage will be a first. For others, sadly, it won't..
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