• Are There Local YouTube Stars?
    If local stations really wanted to help themselves now, they could use their studios, their local branding and online video to resurrect the impact of local TV in a way that would probably be efficient, economical and truly interactive.
  • Apple TV's Upcoming Rebirth Is Pretty Buzzless
    Next month, Apple is supposed to make a big announcement. It's likely to be about a next generation Apple TV service--and that's got absolutely no one talking. Ain't it odd? Where's the disruption?
  • What Verizon's Cooking May Need A Pinch of AOL
    This is Verizon acquiring a programming and advertising partner that it will want as its grows its OTT and LTE wireless video businesses. Make no mistake about it, Verizon is going to be a major content producer and advertising vehicle in the next few years.
  • Movie Biz Wastes Money With Too Much TV Spend, Says MarketShare
    It's hard to miss all the TV commercials studios buy to market action movies. But a new study from MarketShare contends that after a while, they're just blowing money. Studios would be better off adding more online buys, instead of plunking down 82% of the budget on TV ads, and just 10% online. There's a timely upfront suggestion!
  • Endemol Beyond Debuts At NewFronts, With Michelle Phan Front And Center
    New to the NewFronts, Endemol Beyond entered with a splash, touting its new Michelle Phan-backed Icon channel, introducing another suite of offerings for boy/sports viewers,called Smasher and touting two new projects for narcissists everywhere, fronted by pop performer Pitbull.
  • Consumers Now Expect Videos From Firms They Do Business With
    Of 1,000 people surveyed, about one in four say they lose interest in a company they're scoping out if there's no video to help them. More than half feel that if a company is big enough to have a Web site, it should have a company video on that site.
  • The Young And Bold YouTube Entrepreneurs
    At a couple of NewFront events, I got caught up with the entrepreneurial, dreamy side of some young content creators. These are extraordinary people, at least some of them, real 21st Century creations. .
  • Online Video Makers Buying Big Tickets To The Movies
    Could this be the summer that online video breaks out really big because of a big push from the cinema? Listening to a couple NewFronts presentations on Monday, it seems like some execs are banking on theatrical releases to show the world just how popular their online creations are, and how many loyal fans they bring with them.
  • Fullscreen Acquires A Social Media Studio
    At its NewFronts presentation later today in New York, the MCN says the social media agency will help promote its brands and advertisers and push Fullscreen when it hypes real-time content via Twitter Video. Also, Fullscreen announces a new project for Grace Helbig.
  • At Vevo, Certifiable Certainty About Its Place
    At its NewFront presentation, it announces a formal relationship with Starcom MediaVest to identify emerging artists, and unveils a new branded entertainment arm. And, oh yeah, it introduces its new CEO, Erik Huggers.
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