• What A Hitler Rant Meant To Digital Advertising
    Unruly co-CEO Sarah Wood thinks that a scene from "Downrfall" might have been a lesson about the power of memes for the ad business.
  • Digital Viewing Going Up; TV Still Has A Lock
    TV watching occupies 78.4% of all the time Americans spend with video. By comparison, we watch "only" 1 hour and 8 minutes on digital media, or 21.4% of our time..
  • AOL's Kanvas Is Going To Live Concerts, Too
    Today AOL officially inaugurated #Kanvas Live, a mobile-oriented tool that aims to make its mark at concerts and other events and accommodate a bunch of other video toy things. Expect teens to find it.
  • Live Streaming: Now We Can Miss Stuff Again
    The trend toward live streaming makes us go full circle. Once again, you can miss something you wanted to see.
  • Donald Trump's YouTube Channel Is Lame. Really, Really Lame
    For one, each of the remaining candidates have far more YouTube videos on their channels, and YouTube seems to be a bigger part of their official campaigns
  • Will Better Measurement Make A Better World?
    When everything is measured with the same yardstick, in theory, everybody wins. The thinking: it encourages multichannel video programming distributors to discover and exploit all the commercial possibilities TV Everywhere presents.
  • In An Election Year, Facebook Live Seems Irresistible
    Watch this grow. Having a more front-and-center Facebook Live strategy seems to be the intent of yesterday's announcement that Facebook will give its not-quite one year old Live prominent placement on its app, and make it more user friendly.
  • AwesomenessTV The Latest To Offer Standalone
    Verizon today announced it had acquired a 24.5% stake in AwesomenessTV and plans to launch its own SVOD service aimed at young YouTube-raised viewers.
  • Tweet This: NFL Streaming Package Goes To Twitter
    A Bloomberg report says the NFL streaming rights would be the linchpin to Twitter's "strategic push into online programming." Roger Goodell tweeted the news, too.
  • NBC, Vox Partner Up For Ad Sales
    NBC and Vox are calling their joint cross-platform arrangement Concert, and it aims to give advertisers a way to grab a wide spectrum of young, affluent viewers.
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