• Fabulous Premiere Week Never Ends Online
    For millions of viewers, the place to watch the new prime-time season is online. For networks and studios, that's the ultimate double-edged sword.
  • Counting The Minutes And Seconds We Spend Online
    Domo, a business cloud data company counted up instances of us using the biggest social and video apps, minute by minute. It came up with some stunning stats. Like: We watch almost 7 million Snapchat videos. Per minute.
  • Live Video Is Very Popular, A Survey Confirms. Obviously.
    Wibbitz polled 1,001 consumers about their attitudes toward Live Video. People like it. But when they asked about chatbots, wearables and VR. It turned into a hostile crowd.
  • 'Roll Play' Is How Local Content Can Look
    Producer Rich Collier spends his days pedaling around the city to enlist pedestrians for an impromptu quiz show mainly about New York-centric subjects. It's a living.
  • People, EW. Go For Ad-Supported VOD
    Odd, given their dominant brand in the gossip and show biz field, why People and Entertainment Weekly didn't get into the VOD space a lot earlier. Their new offering, called PEN, starts tomorrow.
  • Nine Out Of 10 Fussy Viewers Agree: Fix Online Ads
    Ninety-two percent of the participants in a Brightcove Europe study think video advertising needs to improve but half of them think the quality of online content video has improved. Bad ads make them mad.
  • Put Your AirHands Together For The iPhone7
    There are hundreds of millions of smartphones out there, and tens of millions of people who have no big urge to upgrade right now.
  • NewsWhip Knows What's Trending Even Before it Is
    NewsWhip, and its Spike software, let publishers know what's trending where. It can help guide journalists to what consumers really want to know about.
  • Are We Raising Commercial-Free Kids?
    A writer calculates that a kid will miss 150 hours of commercials a year by watching ad-free SVOD services like Netflix. How will they ever learn how to become consumers?
  • UPDATE: YouTube Just Started A War With Its Vloggers
    YouTube has just angered many of its vloggers by reminding them it has the right to demonetize videos its finds aren't sufficiently advertiser friendly. What a mess.
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