• Hulu's Big Hope: TV That Doesn't Act Like TV
    Consuming content on a digital device is not like getting it through cable or satellite. Hulu hopes to convince the channels on its new streaming service.
  • Malicious Fake News On Facebook? Thanks For The Tip!
    Facebook's efforts to flag users that the "news" they are about to look at is possibly BS propels many users to rush to see it - then spread it further.
  • Pluto TV Tries To Fill The OTT Commercial Void
    Pluto TV, a commercially-supported streamer, is adding an on-demand TV and movie service. It's not Netflix, which, of course, is an opportunity for advertisers.
  • Buyers Survey Suggests The Ad 'Experience' Needs A Fix
    A survey from Advertiser Perceptions says things like decluttering Websites, better targeting of ads and creating ads expressly for digital all help the ad experience for consumers.
  • Group Nine Make No Small Plans
    Group NIne includes brands like Thrillist and NowThis and at its NewFront it just kept cranking out news of more new productions.
  • Does Streaming Have a 'Commercial' Star?
    As television's Upfronts await, those big budget, commercially-supported network shows compete largely with a gigantic bunch of talented and broadly unknown streaming stars.
  • How TV Watching Is Changing, Fast
    A report from Hub Research points out: Yes, people are still watching TV on TV. A new report from the IAB says they're also streaming like never before.
  • BBC, Newsy: 2 Sizes To Every Story
    The vast and venerable BBC, the scrappy Newsy -- both carve out a place for themselves in digital news.
  • Trusted Media Brands Is Safe At Home
    As advertisers fret over brand safety Trusted Media Brands tells NewFronts buyers they've got their backs with well-done, not crazy offerings that deal with home, family and cooking. It appears audiences are responding.
  • Newsy Gets The Big Picture, In The Living Room
    For a place like Newsy, the Scripps-owned video news outlet that presents on Monday at NewFronts, the up cycle in news comes as viewers are also discovering OTT delivery services.
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