• Dailymotion Plans A Revamp, Aims At Older Demos
    Vivendi, which now owns Dailymotion, is on the prowl for advertiser support, and possibly, a deal with a telco or two.
  • Except For Porn, Gamers, Virtual Reality A Slow Build
    A virtual reality pornography site has some pretty interesting usage statistics about which virtual reality headsets are being adopted quickest, and Google's Daydream is barely on the list.
  • YouTube TV: Still No Cigar
    The YouTube TV streamer launched Wednesday offering a great DVR but limited channels. Like all the rest, it's a little bit meh.
  • Amazon's $50M Deal For NFL Redundancy
    Amazon will pay the NFL five times more than Twitter did for 10 Thursday night NFL games--that will ALSO be shown on NBC or CBS, and elsewhere online. Why?
  • IAB's Rothenberg Likes JP Morgan Chase's Tough Love Ad Tactic
    The big bank yanked its advertising from hundreds of thousands of sites, with more to come, fearful ads were showing up on hate sites of all stripes. Randall Rothenberg says: "Right on."
  • The Fault Is Not In Our Stars. It's In Our Thumbs
    Netflix has quit letting you assign "star ratings" to the shows you watch. Instead, a viewer can give a thumb's up or a thumb's down. It's less precise. It's probably kinder, too.
  • What Do You Know? How Users Translate Video

    Netflix has expanded around the world except China and some other closed-off regimes, but it appears that in a lot of those places, becoming a film translator was not considered a good career option.  

    Probably because Netflix has noticed its happiest subscribers actually understand the movies they are watching, it’s looking for some interpreters.

    TheNextWeb.com (TNW) says Netflix created a program called Hermes that quizzes would-be subtitlers, first determining their familiarity with colloquial phrases and their knowledge of the English language, though there are opportunities in which the interpreter is taking a foreign film ...

  • As April Fools' Day Nears, Recalling When Hoaxes Were Fun
    It used to be April Fools' Day was a special day that you couldn't believe the media. Now, not so much.
  • Will Trolls And Liars Persist? Internet Leaders Say Yes
    Elon University Imagining and the Pew Center asked the Internet's top minds if the decade ahead will still be filled with trolls, hate, lies and division. Eight out of 10 seem pretty sure of it.
  • New YouTube Headache: Fake, Sick Kids Cartoons
    YouTube is in crisis mode with advertisers concerned about inappropriate content. Now, kids cartoons--wholesome, educational ones--are being faked and made ugly and violent.
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