• The AP Picks Fight With Blogosphere
    Bloggers are trashing The Associated Press today for demanding that liberal site Drudge Retort remove seven posts with excerpts of wire service stories.
  • Yagoogle: Not As Anticompetitive As You Might Think
    As rumored, Yahoo and Google last night announced they had forged a 10-year pact allowing Yahoo to outsource some of its paid search ads to Google.
  • Final Nail In Coffin For Microhoo?
    Yahoo and Microsoft each said this afternoon that merger talks have collapsed for good. Meanwhile, rumors swirled that Yahoo and Google have forged a search deal.
  • Copyright Hoedown: EEF Vs. Rodeo Group
    Last December, at the height of charitable giving season, the nonprofit group Showing Animals Respect and Kindness expected that clips it posted to YouTube showing live rodeos would spur animal lovers to visit their site and, perhaps, send in donations. Instead, YouTube closed the group's account on Dec. 11, after the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association complained that clips like "Horses Illegally Shocked at 2007 Cheyenne PRCA Rodeo," and "Rodeo Bulls -- Killers, or Gentle Giants?" infringed its copyright.
  • Viacom Partners With YouTube Buddy Hulu
    It's still feuding with Google in court, but Viacom today announced a deal with YouTube friend Hulu.com.
  • Posturing Heats Up At Yahoo
    Yahoo and disgruntled board member Carl Icahn are continuing their very public tiff, with Icahn continuing to try to force a Microsoft buyout while Yahoo's board insists it has the company's best interests at heart.
  • Virgin Media To Warn File-Sharers
    A major broadband provider in the U.K., Virgin Media, and the British Phonographic Industry have just announced they will start sending warning letters to users who they believe are sharing pirated music files.
  • Once Again, EEF Works To Protects Anonymity Online
    Larry Dominick, the president of the town of Cicero, Ill., has apparently joined the ranks of thin-skinned officials distressed by online remarks about him....
  • Decker: Yahoo, Busy With Deals, Is Far From Down And Out
    Yahoo's future may be uncertain, but company president Sue Decker went out of her way today to send a message to Madison Avenue that it's still a major player in the online ad industry.
  • $30 For One Movie = Time Warner's New Math
    The sorry state of broadband access in the U.S. just got a little sorrier with Time Warner's new bandwidth caps. The cable giant tomorrow will start testing a plan to charge users based on how much they upload or download per month.
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